Saturday, June 29, 2013

Man-Eating Cow

Yes, this is real. It is from The Tick comic and got a spin-off series (although I can't find any info on it).
Chairface Chippendale trained Man-Eating Cow to eat people. She was kept in pit with other man-eating cows and alligators. The idea being that Chairface would throw in the pit people he wanted to get rid of and the animals would eat them. The cows and alligator turned on each other (since, according to issue 7, "the alligator is the cow's natural-born enemy") and Man-Eating Cow was the only survivor. After Chairface was sent to prison, the police tried to transport the cow away, but it escaped. The cow ate two trigger men trying to kill the Tick. When the Tick and Arthur decided to go to New York, the Tick left the City in the Man-Eating Cow's "hands". Since then, the cow has been a superhero by eating criminals.
The Man-Eating Cow is tougher and stronger than a normal cow. She has seem to have some form of super-eating powers as she ate "through an inch-thick steel cable" (The Tick issue 8) and can eat humans at abnormally fast speed.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Ataturk the Llama

Pearls Before Swine has several controversial strips. Among these strips were the Ataturk the Llama strips.
These strips were released on January 9 and 10, 2007. Ataturk is a llama and an UN diplomat. His form of "diplomacy" is to spit on other people. Rat claims Ataturk is from the "Llama Nation" (whom he is presumably the representative for) and that his tendency to spit on people is part of his country's culture.
So what was the problem?  Many Turkish-descended readers interpreted the strip as mocking former Turkish president Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and were offended. This was made worse by the fact Greece and Turkey tend to be enemies and Stephen Pastis is of Greek descent. As such, the Turkish ambassador to the US demanded an apology from George Bush and Pastis got a lot of hate mail.
Pastis himself claimed he wasn't mocking Mustafa. He used the name because he liked how the name sounded. He has called this the biggest controversy in Pearls Before Swine's history.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tag and Bink

Tag and Bink are two Rosencrantz and Guildenstern-like characters that appear in Dark Horse's Star Wars comics.
Tag and Bink Are Dead # 1-2
This has to the titular duo go through the events of the original Star Wars trilogy. Tag and Bink are two rebels that were on Tantive IV when the Devastator attacked it. The two beat up two stormtroopers and stole their uniforms. They ended up on the Death Star. After a failed attempt to go to Alderaan (the Death Star blew it up), they accidentally returned to the Death Star and Darth Vader makes them the pilots of two TIE fighters.  During the climactic battle of Star Wars Episode 4, Tag and Bink accidentally really get Vader killed. Tag and Bink stole an Imperial landing craft to save themselves when the Death Star was blown up. After meeting people such as Lando Calrissian, Emperor Palpatine and Boba Fett, they found themselves on the second Death Star and were killed when the Rebels blew it up. They live on as Force ghosts in purgatory.
Tag and Bink: Revenge of the Clone Menace
This is a prequel to the original and has Tag and Bink go through the events of the Star Wars prequels. Tag and Bink tried (and failed) to become Jedis under the tutorship of Yoda. At a restraunt, they give Anakin Skywalker tips on how to deal with his relationship problems with Padmé. They went back to the Jedi Temple (which took them several years) and discovered Darth Vader and his stormtroopers killed all the other Jedis. Due to their past association with him and their promise to give being Jedis, Vader spares them. Tag and Bink Are Dead takes palce 20 years later.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mighty Agrippa, Roman God of the Aqueduct

The Mighty Agrippa is one of the most powerful superheroes in The Tick comics.
Despite being likely the most powerful superhero in the Tick universe, he is a low-ranking deity.  He was the last god to join the Roman pantheon. However when he actually showed up at Olympus, he discovered the gates were locked and the other gods had abandoned him. However, Agrippa hopes they will return one day. He became superhero for unknown reasons. His alter ego is Dexter Fisk, who is a mild-mannered plumber and "reformed protestant". However, Dexter can turn into Agrippa by tapping his grout trowel. Agrippa has become a field agent for the Tri-State Superhero Congress by hunting down superhero fugitives.
He has the standard powers of super strength, invulnerability and flight. However, since he is the god of aqueducts, he also has the ability to teleport water instantly. There appears to be no limit to this ability since he accidentally created a sea next to the City. Said sea became a tourist attraction.

Monday, June 24, 2013


He is the leader of the team Section 8, which consists of mentally ill superhero wannabes. Despite thinking he is a superhero, he is actually just a drunk guy that fails to realize most of his "adventures" were little more than drunken dreams. He hangs out at Noonan's Sleazy Bar. His "power" is attacking people with broken bottles.
He founded Section 8 to be the superhero team of the Irish section of Gotham City (called "The Cauldron"). The rest of his team were good-intentioned, but mentally unstable people. The team helped Tommy Monaghan / Hitman from time to time. The team disbanded when Friendly Flame (a member) pointed out how pathetic they are. However, they united to fight the demonic Multi-Angled Ones. The Multi-Angled Ones, amused by him, offered to stop attacking the Earth if Sixpack would fight them with his soul being on the line. Sixpack agreed and he and the Multi-Angled Ones disappeared. A statue was made in his honor. It is implied he defeated the Multi-Angled Ones as he was seen at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Maze Agency

Maze Agency focuses on two detectives and the mysteries they solve. The comic is notable for being a "fair play" mystery that give the readers clues to solve the mystery themselves. However, Mike Barr admits a few of the stories are "too complex for the reader to solve". He also cited Ellery Queen as an inspiration.
  • Jennifer Mays- She is a main character. She is a tough and smart ex-CIA agent that runs a private detective agency. Few know about her soft side.
  • Gabriel Webb- He is a main character. He is a crime writer and detective that works with Jennifer. He is easily distracted and scatterbrain, but has a deductive mind. He won't officially join her because of their romantic relationship and thinks such action would inappropriate.
  • Detective Roberta Bliss- She is a NYPD detective. She is of Puerto Rican descent. She is annoyed how Mays and Webb tend to cause complications, but has a begrudging respect for them.
  • Ashley Swift- She is Mays' detective rival and ex-boss. She is arrogant (much to Mays' annoyance) and a competent detective.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Marvel No-Prize

What the Heck Is It?
The No-Prize was a fake award that readers would get from Marvel Comics. You could get it for having done a "meritorious service to the cause of Marveldom" (such as finding or explaining mistakes in continuity).  The term "No-Prize" comes from Fantastic Four issue 26, where Stan Lee wrote (in a letter printed in the issue) "there will be no prizes, and therefore, no losers."
It was the practice of other companies to give a prize to people that found mistakes or wrote a letter. Marvel fans asked Marvel to do the same. As a joke, Stan Lee (starting in 1964) decided to give people, who had perform some form of "meritorious service to the cause of Marveldom", a letter that told them what they won a No-Prize i.e. nothing at all. While at first he gave it to people that wrote creative responses to questions he posed in the letter column, Stan Lee decided to take a new approach. As a parody of the practice that inspired it, he gave these out to people that found such mistakes in Marvel publications. Despite intending the No-Prize to remind Marvel readers to just relax and enjoy the stories, letters sent to Marvel tripled. In response to the people asking why they didn't get an award, Marvel Comics, starting in 1967, sent envelopes with the words "Congratulations, this envelope contains a genuine Marvel Comics No-Prize which you have just won!" printed on it. In 1982, Marvel produced The Official Marvel No-Prize Book (which points out and mocks Marvel's past mistakes). In 1986, editor Mark Gruenwald discontinued the practice since he felt it had negatively affect the letters sent to letter columns. In 1989, Ronald Perelman (would drive Marvel into bankruptcy) called the No-Prizes "a silly, expensive extravagance to mail out." Despite this, Tom DeFalco brought the practice back in 1991 (when he was editor-in-chief) and made a new criteria: that in order to get a No-Prize, you had to perform a "meritorious service to Marvel above and beyond the call of duty".

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Red Scare

The Tick (Left) fighting the Red Scare (Right)
I'm a fan of the superhero parody The Tick. So, I am going to talk about a minor character from the comic series.
The Red Scare is an employee of Villain Inc. He is a fake villain that pretends to go on a rampage and lets the hero, that paid for his performance, "stop" him. The purpose behind this is to make the hero look good.
The Red Scare himself is a huge man with a white and red costume. It's unclear if he is suppose to be super strong and durable or not. He has shoulder pads (which have spikes on them), a hammer and sickle. The latter two are his weapons. Despite his motif, he is not Russian, but Scottish. His real name is Gary. His diet is mainly "Steroid Crunchies" and marshmellows.
Gary was originally the Whirling Scottish Devil. It is implied Barry Hurbis (a hero that beats up other heroes and steal their names) fought him and stole his the supervillain identity. Gary became the Red Scare to capitalize on fear of the USSR. We first see the Red Scare when Running Guy hired him to make to improve his image. However, this went south due to the Tick mistaking Red for a real villain and beating him up. The Red Scare has a few times after his first appearance.
The Tick Specials: The Complete Work

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Franklin Richards (Sue and Reed Richards' son) was jealous of how much time his parents where spending with his sister. Wanting make himself smarter, he messed around with his dad's personal digital assistant. Because it was connected to another dimension (to give it infinite storage), he unintentionally created a living math problem (made out of electrochemicals) called "Modulus". The being wanted to literally bond with Reed. It started to try to murder everyone else that Reed shows affection to. Sue managed to save herself and the Thing. Reed discovered that Modulus was actually half of a math equation hence why it felt lonely. As such, Reed created a living math problem copy of himself. He gave it to Modulus, who returned to his own dimension with the copy.
Modulus had various powers. He has super strength and invulnerability. He could reshape his body and manipulate energy. He also could "[divide] molecules... to reduce them into chemical components" (Fantastic Four: The Ultimate Guide).
Fantastic Four: The Ultimate Guide section "Modulus"

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mystery Men

Jumping Jesophat (top), Shoveler (left in middle row), Jackpot, Mr. Furious, Flaming Carrot (not a member), Captain Attack, Bondo Man, Red Rover, Screwball (under Mr. Furious) 

Some of you may remember the movie Mystery Men, which is about a group of  superhero wannabes trying to save Captain Amazing. It was VERY loosely based on a comic. Let's talk about the comic.
The Mystery Men are a team of second-string heroes. They have various flaws that prevent them from making the big league. These flaws vary from having weak powers to character flaws. They have an extremely high kill and death rate. At one point they had 30 members and were nicknamed the "Dirty Thirty". What happened to the other members is unknown.
  • The Shoveler- Stan Belarsky was a low-paid blue-collar worker. He found King Arthur's shovel, which deemed to be just and honest enough to be his owner. The shovel is sentient and speaks a Shakepearian-style. Stan can use it as a deadly weapon.
  • The Hummer- He was best friends with the Strangler and a superhero. He became addicted to his powers and went on a rampage. The Strangler was forced to kill the Hummer to stop him. The Hummer could create vibrations via a device in his fist.
  • Jumo the Magnificent- Glen Gilke gained his powers from shallowing a meteor he mistook for a meatball. Jumno is invulnerable to everything except for leafy vegetables and wicker furniture. His stomach glows blue. 
  • Screwball- He is an organic machine from another planet. Despite his vast knoweldge of Earth, he acts in very bizarre fashions (such as keeping shoelaces as pets). He has a very plesant nature. He can fly.
  • Disc Man- Lance Fortnight discovered several "living" discs in his wall and used them to become a superhero. He seems to be able to control the discs and use them to fly.
  • The Spleen- He gained the ability to fart gas that knocks people out from being exposed to chemicals. He suffers from kleptomania.
  • The Strangler- He is a Vietnam veteran-turned superhero via a magic cake. He has invulnerability, super strength and allergy to metal.
  • The Zeke- He has a snout that gives him super-sniffing. He  can see far away and in the dark. His ears have super hearing.
  • Mystic Hand- His hand can detach his hand and make it float and fly if it remains in his sight (otherwise he loses control).
  • Bondo Man- He is made out of living bondo (think putty). He was created by a failed experiment to make an organic putty.
  • Mr. Furious- He is a repo man that deals with cars. His anger makes him immune to bullets.
  • Star Shark- He can bite and eat almost anything. He can roll like a pinwheel.
  • Jumpin' Jehosaphat- He can jump to superhuman heights.
  • Captain Attack- He has various fuctional guns on his suit.
  • The Metro Marauder- No information available
  • The Whisperer- No information available
  • Red Rover- No information available
  • Jackpot- No information available

Friday, June 14, 2013

Mr. Butts

It has been a while since I mentioned a comic strip. However in those posts, I talked about the series as a whole. So, I'll talk about a comic strip character: Mr. Butts from Doonesbury.
Mr. Butts is a personification of tobacco companies. Physically, he is an eight-foot-tall, anthropomorphic cigarette that has a goofy smile. He also wears gloves to add to his cartoon-like appearance and demeanor.
Mr. Butts has an extremely naive personality to the point he has no idea that cigarettes cause cancer. He advertises cigarettes because he thinks it will make kids look cool. He treats his public appearances and ads as if they were PSAs.
He has several friends. All of them are personifications like he is. They include Dum Dum (personification of the NRA), Mr. Suds (liquor industry) and the marijuana joint Mr. Jay (who is also the misfit of the group due to being the only illegal and non-lethal member).Gary Trudeau (the cartoonist of Doonesbury) uses Mr. Butts and these characters to  express his viewpoints.
Mike Doonesbury was asked to make an ad to convince teenagers to smoke. This led to him having a moral crisis. During a hallucination and several dreams, "Buttsy" appeared and led him to believe his morality was "rebelling". Because the comic strip often blends fantasy and reality, Mr. Butts later appeared as a "real" character.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Armor Wars

Iron Man discovered the villain Force's armor had parts of his own armor in it. With the help of Scott Land and Jim Rhodes, he discovered the Spymaster stole Stark's techology and gave it to Justin Hammer, who sold it to villains. Iron Man decided to get all the technology back or destory it. Tony had become obessed with his crusade. S.H.I.E.L.D. got mad at Iron Man. Since Tony hadn't reveal he was Iron Man yet, he faked helping S.H.I.E.L.D. and disabled the Mandriod armors (power armors used by S.H.I.E.L.D. that used some of the stolen tech). Tony invaded the Vault and attacked the Guardsmen (who had some of the Iron Man tech in it).  The Captain (Steve Roger) attempted (and failed) to stop him. Iron Man broke international laws by attacking the USSR agents Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man. He kills the latter. In case, you were wonderering Iron Man is suppose to be the hero of the story. Because he killed someone, the Avengers demanded Iron Man to resign from the team. The US government hired Edwin Cord (Tony's business rival) to make a power armor to stop Iron Man. Said armor also had stolen Iron Man tech in it. The operative that was given the armor became Firepower. Firepower overpowered Iron Man. Tony made Iron Man's armor leave without him and Firepower destroyed it not knowing no one was in it. As such, everyone thought Iron Man was dead. Tony returned to stop Edwin Cord and Firepower, who were messing with Stark Tech by destorying the company's products shipments.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Organizations Related to S.H.I.E.L.D.

H.A.M.M.E.R. logo
Because of the 2012 Avengers movie, you may know about the Marvel Comics, global-security group S.H.I.E.L.D. However, there are several related groups.
Altered-Reality Monitoring and Operational Response
A.R.M.O.R. is an agency that researchs incursion with Earth-616 (the main Marvel Comics reality) with other realities. During Dark Reign, A.R.M.O.R. worked for H.A.M.M.E.R., but avoided being absorbed into it since Lyra (one of their members) found incriminating evidence against Norman Osborn. Their base is an underground banker.
S.H.I.E.L.D. was dissolved after a Skrull invasion. H.A.M.M.E.R. was created to replaced it. H.A.M.M.E.R. was controlled by the villain Harry Osborn. He fired anyone loyal to Iron Man, Captain America or Nick Fury. The organization was dissolved when Norman and his version of the Avengers illegally invaded Asgard. What the name stands for is unknown.
Special Tactical Response for International Key Emergencies
S.T.R.I.K.E. is a British security team similar to S.H.I.E.L.D. (despite the two being officially unrelated). Criminals infiltrated and took control over S.T.R.I.K.E. This led to S.T.R.I.K.E.'s disbanding.
European Monitoring Investigation and Enforcement Division
Unlike S.T.R.I.K.E., EuroM.I.N.D. was an European subdivision of S.H.I.E.L.D. However, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (S.H.A.P.E.) took control of EuroM.I.N.D. François Borillon is the director. Originally, EuroM.I.N.D. had two subgroups: the scientist group Eurolab and the combatant group Task Force. However, the two groups merged into Euroforce.
Sentient World Observation and Response Department
S.W.O.R.D. is an agency that stops extraterrestrial threats. While it works with S.H.I.E.L.D., its connection to S.H.I.E.L.D. is unknown. Their base is a space station called the Peak. It should be noted there is similar group called Starcore.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


The Reverse-Flashes are a collection of Flash villains that are all reversed-themed and had super speed.
The Rival
Doctor Edward Clariss was a professor for a university attended by Jay Garrick (the Golden Age Flash). He managed to recreate the formula that gave Jay his super speed and dubbed his version "Velocity 9". The scientific community rejected him leading Ed to become a criminal. Edward Clariss donned a darker version of Jay's Flash outfit. He uses a chemical on Flash to make him super slow. However, this was temporary and Jay defeated the Rival and his goons. The Rival accidentally vanished into the Speed Force (the source of the powers of super fast people). Johnny Sorrow freed Clariss (now turned insane) in the year 2000 and had him join the Injustice League. After the Rival went on a rampage, Jay absorbed the Rival's power. Later, the Rival was turned into a "speed energy" elemental. He took over Max Mercury's body and was never seen since.
Professor Zoom
These events happened before Crisis on Infinite Earths. Eobard Thawn was a 25th century criminal. He found the Flash's costume in a time capsule and altered the costume to give him the Flash's powers if he wore it. The alterations unintentionally reversed the colors. He used the powers to commit crimes. The Barry Allen Flash went to the future because there was a bomb in the capsule. He stopped the bomb and burned Zoom's suit. Zoom somehow retain his powers and got a new costume. As such, Zoom was pain in Barry's side and killed Iris (Barry's wife). Barry broke Zoom's neck thus killing him.
These events happened after Crisis on Infinite Earths. Because continuity was rebooted, the Prof.'s origin was changed and his death never happened. Eobard was a massive fan of the Flash to the point of replicating his powers and surgically altered himself to look like his hero. As such, he used the time machine Cosmic Treadmill to meet Barry. However, he discovered he was destined to become a super villain and went insane (a flaw with the time machine helped). He became convinced he was Barry Allen. However, the Wally West Flash (Barry died) figured out he wasn't due to his overly violent nature and sent him back to his own time. Despite losing his memories of his trip, Zoom had a subconscious and bitter hatred of Barry. As such, he went back in time to get revenge. Professor Zoom travelled back in time to stop Barry becoming the Flash, but didn't when he realize this would erase himself from the timeline. However, he killed Allen's mother and was responsible for the events of Flashpoint, but Flash stopped him.
Hunter Zolomon was a police officer that worked with the Wally West Flash. Zolomon was crippled by Gorilla Grodd. He asked Flash to use the Cosmic Treadmill to go back in time and stop Grodd. Fearing damaging the timeline, Wally refused. Zolomon tried to use the machine himself, but altered his connection to timeline instead thus giving him the ability to alter his own time frame, which allowed him  him to mimic super-speed. Zolomon became the new Zoom to create tragedy in Wally's life to make him a better hero. Despite the Flash using the Spectre to erase the world's memory of his identity, Zoom was unaffected and still menaced Wally. He helped various Justice League villains (since the Flash was a JL member). Zoom and Professor Zoom wore identical costumes.
Inertia / Kid Zoom
Thaddeus Thawne was a clone of Bart Allen. After several failed attempts, Inertia (Thaddeus) killed Allen and Wally imprisoned him in the Flash Museum by removing his ability to move. During Final Crisis, he stole Zoom's powers and became Kid Zoom. The Rogues (a group of Flash villains) killed Thaddeus for making them kill Bart. Before his death, he also menaced the Teen Titans. He had super speed, but the source of his powers wasn't the Speed Force, but Velocity 9.
In the New 52 reboot, a version of the Reverse-Flash will appear. This version will be darker in color and not be yellow.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Ron-Karr was one of the founding members of the Legion of Super Villains.
Ron-Karr was a native of Neptune. As such, he had the power all of his race have: the ability to flatten his / her body. He applied for the Legion of Super Heroes (the premiere superheroes of the 30th and 31st century), but was rejected. He joined the Legion of Super-Villains and wasn't helpful in their attempts to kill the LSH. He gave up being evil and joined the Legion of Substitute Heroes (a team of Legion of Super Heroes rejects).
Ron-Karr originally appeared in Adventure Comics #314. In this comic, his name is spelled "Ronn Kar". However, everywhere else his name is spelled "Ron-Karr" (hence the title of this post).

Friday, June 7, 2013

Legion of Super-Villains (Continued)

Some viewers of my blog may remember I did a post on the "adult" Legion of Super Villain (a version of the team that Superman fought againist). Here's the rest of the story.
Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths
Tarik the Mute was a crimnal whose vocial cords were damaged by a Science Police officer (basically a 30th century police officer). Thus, Tarik grew to hate order and law. As such, he formed a school for villains to help form a Legion of Super Villains and blackmailed Legion of Super Hero member Colossal Boy into being a teacher. Among his students were LSH traitor Nemesis Kid (who can gain any power to defeat a single enemy); rejected LSH members Ron-Karr (who can flatten his body), Spider-Girl (her hair is web-like) and nuclear-powered Radiation Roy; and lightning-controlling Lightning Lord (LSH member Lightning Lad's evil brother). Despite the Legion stopping Tarik, the students became the Legion of Super Villains and commited various crimes. Chameleon Cheif and Sun Emperor (see my "Adult Legion of Super-Villain" for more info) joined. 
Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths
Several LSV members went back in time and attempted to brainwash younger versions of Superman and Batman into becoming the dictators of Earth. However, Darkseid managed to get the two to realize the truth thus restoring the timeline.
Five Years Later and Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes
All the members stopped being evil except for Radiation Roy, who was being mind controlled by people working for the Dominators. However, Zero Hour erased this from contitunity. 
Afterward, Radiation Roy and Spider Girl were shown to be members of a version of the LSV called the Justice League of Earth. Other members included Legion rejects Earth-Man, Storm Boy, Golden Boy, Tusker and Eyefyl Ethel. They were defeated by Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes then sent to Takron-Galtos (a prision planet).
Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds
Superboy Prime freed villains from Takron-Galtos and formed a new Legion of Super Villians. After several fights, Earth-Man convinced the team to try to kill the Legion of Super Heroes. However, the White Witch managed to help the Legion stop them. The members include the Justice League of Earth (Earth-Man. Storm Boy, Golden Boy, Spider Girl, Tusker and Radiation Roy), the League of Super-Assassins (Titania, Mist Master, Neutrax, Lazon and Silver Slasher), Terrus (whose body made out of insects), the shrinking Micro Lad, Magno Lad (has magnetic powers similar to Cosmic Boy), the telepathic Esper Lass, the lightning-manipulating Lightning Lord, the solar-powered Sun Emperor, the matter-transmutating Cosmic King, the telepathic Saturn Queen, the heat / fire-manipulating Beauty Blaze, the Daxamite Ol-Vir, Chameleon Cheif, the warrior alien Tyr, Hunter II (seeking revenge for the death for Hunter I), the warp-creating Zymyr, the sound-manipulating Echo, the wizard Mordru, Black Mace, Universo, Dr. Regulus, Grimbor the Chainsman, Fatal Five (Validus, Mano, Persuader, Emerald Empress and Tharok) and their leader Superboy-Prime

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ron Planet

Ron Planet is a web comic created by Matt Chapman (one of the creators of Homestar Runner) and Craig Zobel.
Titular Character
Ron Planet is the only qualified astronaut left on Earth. However, he finds his job boring and would rather play with Legos and look after his cat Mabel. This is not helped by the fact that Ron gets no respect for his job. He lives in a run-down house.
Ron Planet was hired to replace the posters on satellites. He had to get on a passenger plane to get high enough in the atmosphere. He managed to accomplish his mission via a ship that looked like an EVA pod from 2001: A Space Odyssey.When he returns to his house, he was contacted by NASA's sole employee (due to budget cuts) Doctor Eggleston, who wants him to go to the moon to figure out why there is a bag of popcorn on the moon. The story was never finished.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Men From N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

This is real.
During World War II, the Agency was been formed to eliminate the oddity of the world. The Agency snatched "soul husks" of people via the Telephone Avatar's silver tongs (they imprisoned TA in the Ant Farm, the sub-basement of the Pentagon). These husks became the Men of N.O.W.H..E.R.E. Flex Mentallo was captured by them and was forced to create weapons with his mind. Later, a man called "Mr. Jones" managed to create a "Delirium Box", which created fake Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. They tried to kill Danny the Street (a living street) only for the Doom Patrol to stop them. These guys only speak in sentences that have "nowhere" as an acronym. Meanwhile, the real Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. tried to force Dorothy Spinner to free the Telephone Avatar. However, she ended up killing them and destroying the Avatar.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Captain Future

Captain Future was originally published by Nedor Comics. Andrew Bryant, a scientist, discovered that exposure to infrared and gamma rays give him superpowers. Aided by detective Grace Adams, he became a superhero and took the name "Captain Future".
Captain Future fell into public domain. As such, he was chosen for Project Superpower. After World War II, the misguided Fighting Yank imprisoned several superheroes (including Captain Future) in the Urn of Pandora. When the Urn was broken, he and the other heroes were freed. In the second volume, Captain Future turns out to really be Zeus from Greek mythology.
He can gain superpowers when he exposes to infrared and gamma ray. However, this is temporary and he has to repeat the process to maintain his powers. When "charged", he has flight, super-strength, and ability to shoot energy bolts from his hands. However, a strong enough blow to the head can knock him out.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


The Fury is an one-shot character from 1963. He is based on Spider-Man and Daredevil with elements of Captain America.
Richard "Ricky" (no last name given) was the Fireball, the sidekick to the Fightin' Fury (his dad). When the Fightin' Fury was killed by the Squid, Ricky promised to never stop fighting crime. He became the Fury with out his mother's knoweldge while still attending high school. From time to time, he helps Sky Solo (basically a female Nick Fury) and the Law and Security Enforcement Reserve (L.A.S.E.R.).
In the actual comic, the Fury helps L.A.S.E.R. transport Cargo X, but ends up fighting the villain Voidoid. Cargo X's content unfreeze thus freeing Warbeast (see "Enemies"). He goes on a rampage until the Fury uses his shield to hit his legs thus causing him to fall into a nearby bay. This allows L.A.S.E.R. to recapture him.
Richard doesn't seem to have any superpowers. However, he is very agile. He also has two shields on his arms that can be thrown like Captain America's shield.
The Fury has a rogue gallery. Among the villains we see are the Voidoid (a man in a white suit that is intangible to objects he doesn't want to touch him), Warbeast (a blue T-Rex with three eyes, thumbs, human-level intelligence and the ability to fire deadly beams from his third eye) and the Squid (a guy that has a squid mask on his face who killed the Fightin' Fury). Two mentioned but unseen villains are Doc Centipede and the Dune.
1963 issue 2

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ravage 2099

Ravage's human form (top) and Ravage's beast-man form (bottom) 
I mentioned the Marvel imprint Marvel 2099, which was mostly cyberpunk reimagining of Marvel characters. Ravage 2099 is unique for lacking a then-present-day counterpart (the Hulk villain Ravage didn't appear until after this guy did).
Paul-Phillip Ravage was the CEO of ECO (a pollution-fighting group hired by the megacorpation Alchemax). When he questioned his superiors at Alchemax, he was framed for murder and became fugitive. His companions are his ex-secretary Tiana and Dack (who was orphaned when ECO killed his father). The three of them battled Alchemax troops. Paul (now calling himself "Ravage") went to Hellrock, a civilization of people mutated by radiation, and fought its human-hating and genocidal leader Dethstryk. He helped save Tiana from him, but got contaminated by the before-mentioned radiation. Over exposure to the radiation eventually turned into a monstrous beast-like creature with horns, claws and fangs. However, he gained the ability to turn to his normal form. Alchemax turned Tiana into a version of Hel (a Norse goddess) in part of their plan to kill / control all the superheroes. However, Ravage prevented her from going through with the plan. Ravage and Tiana got new jobs, but Ravage's bestial side strained their relationship. As such, he tried to control his animal side until he accepted it. Ravage teamed up with Ferra (a literal bat woman) to find a legendary valley that supposedly was filled with animal-people in it. Despite not finding the valley, they destroyed a reality-warping alien. After returning to Hellrock, Ravage killed Dethstryk with the help of Ferra, Tiana and Seeress (a confidant of Dethstryk). Ravage was seemly killed when Doom 2099 drowned him in liquid adamantium and launched him into outer space.
Originally, Ravage had no powers. However, after being exposed to radiation, he gained the ability to fire energy from his hands. However, he eventually transformed into a man-beast with super strength, healing speed, sense, agility and durability. He also had the power to turn back to his normal form and back.