Monday, June 3, 2013

Captain Future

Captain Future was originally published by Nedor Comics. Andrew Bryant, a scientist, discovered that exposure to infrared and gamma rays give him superpowers. Aided by detective Grace Adams, he became a superhero and took the name "Captain Future".
Captain Future fell into public domain. As such, he was chosen for Project Superpower. After World War II, the misguided Fighting Yank imprisoned several superheroes (including Captain Future) in the Urn of Pandora. When the Urn was broken, he and the other heroes were freed. In the second volume, Captain Future turns out to really be Zeus from Greek mythology.
He can gain superpowers when he exposes to infrared and gamma ray. However, this is temporary and he has to repeat the process to maintain his powers. When "charged", he has flight, super-strength, and ability to shoot energy bolts from his hands. However, a strong enough blow to the head can knock him out.

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