Monday, December 31, 2012

Gaggy Gagsworthy

Gaggy Gagsworthy (yes, that's his real name) use to be circus tightrope walker. However, he lost that position to the Flying Graysons (Dick Grayson and his parents) and was forced into become a clown, which he really hated. During an act, he attacked one of his fellow clowns. This got the attention of the Joker. Gaggy, who was willing kill people for a laugh, became the Joker's answer to Robin. The duo of the Joker and Gaggy committed various crimes before Batman and Robin sent them to prison. However, the Joker was declared insane and was sent to the Arkham Asylum, thus leaving Gaggy alone in prison. Gaggy was released and went to the Joker's old lair only to discover that the Joker had a new sidekick: Harely Quinn.
Gaggy has a variety of abilities. He is extremely agile and is shown skilled enough  to compete with Dick Grayson. He is also a skilled fighter. He has sonic screaming powerful enough to break mirrors and knock out Catwoman. Gaggy also carries around various gag-based gadgets à la the Joker.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mr. A

Mr. A is a superhero created by Spider-Man creator Steve Ditko. Mr. A is an objectivist superhero. His name is reference to the phrase "A is A". Many people think he was an indirect influence for Rorschach from Alan Moore's Watchmen.
Rex Graine is a newspaper reporter (for a newspaper Daily Crusader). As Mr.A, he wears metal gloves and mask; a fedora hat and a detective suit. No origin is given, which begs the question why he dresses up like Mr. A if he acts the same way regardless of if he is Mr. A or Rex. He has a half-black and half-white calling card.
Mr. A believes in pure good and evil without any moral grey. He believes in objectivism. He is willing to kill people if an innocent life is at stake and does so mercilessly. He only feels for "the innocent and victimized". He constantly rants on and on about his philosophy even when it means grinding the story to halt (much to the readers' annoyance).
A typical story has someone doing a small crime. Then, they do more crimes. The crimes escalate to the point that the person tries to cover their crimes or run away. The person tries to justify what they are doing without actually blaming themselves. Then, the story ends with Mr. A confronting them and telling them about how they are guilty. Other times, the "story" is just Mr. A denouncing people for having "compromised their values" and debunking their arguments.
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Professor Ojo

Professor Ojo was the son of an assistant at a nuclear facility. Ojo's father was exposed to radiation causing Ojo to be born without eyes. Naturally, Ojo grew to hate atomic enegry. Being a genius despite his handicap, Ojo built a machine to allow him to see. He became an associate of the League of Assassins. He stole an "atomic submarine" only to be stopped by Richard Dragon and Ben Turner (G.O.O.D. members). Turner tried to confront Ojo because one of Ojo's lackey killed Turner's wife. However, Ojo brainwashed Turner into being the assassin Bronze Tiger and sold off his services. Ojo placed a giant flying eye over Star City. Green Lantern Guy Gardner destroyed it after Green Arrow and Green Lantern Hal Jordon failed to do so. He had another flying eye and used it to attack the Arkham Asylum thus freeing the villain Crumbler (real name Alexander Tuttle). Ojo teamed up with Alex so they could attack a nuclear power plant and show the world the horrible effects of radiation.  However, Green Arrow and Green Lantern stopped them.
For those you don't known, "Ojo" is the Spanish word for "eye".
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Friday, December 28, 2012


In my posts about the U-Men and Xorn, I mentioned a villain called "John Sublime". So, I decided to do a post on him since most of you likely have no clue he was.
Sublime is a sentient bacteria and one of the first lifeforms on Earth. When multicelluar lifeforms appeared, he discovered he could possess them. However, mutants (like the X-Men) were immune his powers thus being a threat to him. It is hinted he started the fear of mutants (which if true would completely miss the point of the X-Men mythos). Sublime founded the Weapon Plus project by taking over a human body and taking the alias "John Sublime". The idea of the program was to create living weapons. The phases of Weapon Plus are referred to as "Weapon [Roman numeral]" such as Weapon V or Weapon XI. However, Malcolm Colcord caused Weapon X to be independent program. John Sublime founded the "TransSpecies Movement", which focuses on humans transfering mutant organs in their bodies thus giving them super power, and the U-Men. The X-Men discovered Sublime's "mutant farms" and tried to stop him. Sublime tried to buy Xorn from corrupt Chinese officals. Emma Frost seemly killed Sublime by accidentally dropping him off a building. However, Sublime survived and went back to leading Weapon Plus. Weapon XII-XV were Sublime's attempt to make genocidial mutant hunters that would look like a "Saturday morning cartoon come to life". Ultimaton (Weapon XV) was the only loyal member and was killed by Wolverine. Sublime made Xorn / Magento take over New York City via his mental powers in "Planet X". Xorn / Magento was killed by Wolverine. Chamber tried (and failed) to kill to Sublime. After "House of M" and most of the mutants losing their powers, Sublime tried to kill the X-Men with an army of robots and failed. The mutant haters Lobe, Thug, Verre, Burst and Bouncing Betty claimed they were working for Sublime.
Sublime has various powers. He can possess people. Under normal conditions, he cannot possess mutants. However, he can bypass this if the mutant is using the fictional drug Kick. He can control minds and enchance the powers of his host. He can cause his hosts to regenerate, which is how he can survive so many near-death experiences.
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Arm Fall Off Boy

The Legion of Super-Heroes comics have a recurring gag where the members interview potential new members that have moronic powers or an inability to use them correctly. One of these rejects is Arm Fall Off Boy. 
Arm Fall Off Boy's origin is unknown. Matter-Eater Lad claimed Arm Fall Off Boy got his power by holding onto the anti-gravity Element 152 (which, based atomic mass given, should be Europium) too long. However, he may have been joking. As you probably guessed from the intro, Arm Fall Off Boy tried to join the Legion and failed. 
In the Zero Hour timeline, his real name is Floyd Belkin and goes under the name Splitter. It is also stated he from the planet of Lallor, making Matter-Eater Lad's claim seem more plausible since most of the planet's inhabitants are normal people. In Legionnaires #43, he tried out for the Legion and was among of the finalists. However, he was rejected for literally falling apart during the last test. Later, he was seen as a member of the Heroes of Lallor (Lallor's main superhero team). 
Arm Fall Off Boy easily has one of the dumbest powers ever. He can detach his limbs, which seem to harden, and use them as clubs. He can reattach them as well. Unlike the M. F. Enterprises Captain Marvel, he cannot fire him like a missile and has to use his other arm. 
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Armless Tiger Man

Yes, this is real.
Hertz (no first name given) was a German Factory worker. However, his lost his arms when they got caught in machinery. He learned how use his feet and teeth to compensate for his lack of arms. He gained a hatred of machines. During World War 2, Hertz was sent to sabotage American factories. He was defeated by the Golden Age Angel and was sent to prision. Later, in Incredible Hercules issues 129-131 (which takes place in the year 2009), the Armless Tiger Man is seen as one of the villains in the underworld attacking Hercules, Amadeus Cho and Aegis.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Golden Age
The Key was an originally one-shot JSA villain. He was a major crime syndicate leader with agents across the world. He was being chased by the JSA. So, he ended up jumping out  a cable car and seemly to his death (he hasn't been seen since).
Modern Age
A new and seemly unrelated villain named Key appeared in Justice League of America (vol. 1) # 41. He was a chemist that worked for the villain team Intergang. Later, he used "psycho-chemicals" to allow him use the unused 90% of his brain (the writers still thought humans only use 10% of their brains despite that not being true). This allows him to use 10 senses that uses to commit crimes. He uses a Key-Gun and has henchmen called "Key-Men". He had several clashes with the JLA, but just disappeared. He returns two years later in real time. He was apparently in a coma due to the chemicals, which now changed his appearance (as seen above) and enhanced his mental powers. He broke in the JLA's HQ and trapped the JLA members into various fantasies via "a dream-like flu" he made. However, Conner Hawke (who wasn't there when Key did this) stopped him by beating him up when he was distracted. Key was thrown in the Arkham Asylum, where he unsuccessfully tried to get Batman to kill him (claiming he was trying to "escape life"). In the aftermath of  the storyline "World without a Justice League" (see JLA #120-125), he was sent to the "dream realm" (not to be confused with the Dreaming). He later escaped by unknown means. The  Key was seen in a special prison cell, which negated his powers. He somehow escaped off-panel. In Final Crisis, he was a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains. In The New 52 universe, he started at riot at the Arkham Asylum to distract the Justice League for a then-new villain.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Warning: This article may be confusing.
Xorn was a mutant that was seemly sold to the villain John Sublime by corrupt Chinese officials. He wore a skull-like mask that supposedly block the energy emitted from his "star for a brain". To prevent him from killing himself, Cyclops (with the aid of the telepathic Emma Frost) offered to let him join the X-Men. Cyclops found him in a monastery, where they were kidnapped by aliens. They escaped and Xorn used his healing powers (the monks at the monastery claimed he had such powers) to heal the X-Men from a nanobot infection and fix Xavier's spine (which was the reason he couldn't walk). When he was on the team, he acted optimistic and somewhat naively. It was revealed his helmet blocked telepathy. He was put in charge of the "Special Class". In the "Planet X" story line,  Xorn turned out to be Magneto in disguise (he claims he was controlling the nanobots and used some of them to "glue" Xavier's spine to fake his healing powers). He conquered New York City. However, the combination his use of drugs, going insane and hypocritical acts (such as killing normal humans like a Nazi despite being a Holocaust survivor) turned his supporters against him. Wolverine chopped off his head, because he killed Jean Grey.
Marvel Comics wisely decided to make it so Magneto really didn't do that. A mutant named Shen Xorn revealed that John Sublime was using pyshic powers make his brother, Kuan-Yin Xorn, into pretending to be Magneto (pretending to be Xorn) and doing all the previously mentioned actions. Emma Frost read Shen's mind and revealed he was telling the truth. Shen lost his powers in House of M.
The Scarlet Witch accidentally turned millions of mutants' powers into a "big ball of mutant energy" (according to Joe Quesada the editor-in-chief) called the Collective. The Collective merged with postal worker Micheal Poster. He unintentionally killed the superhero team Alpha Flight. The "big ball" retained the original Xorn's personality (Quesada claims it was because of his "pyshcokinetic powers" despite his powers not being pyshcokinesis). It claimed it (when it was Kuan-Yin Xorn) took Magneto's image because he thought mutants would follow him that way. Despite various heroes destroying the Collective, Micheal retained the powers he had used and joined the Omega Flight.
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Friday, December 21, 2012


Belief System
The U-Men's belief system around the teaching of the fictional John Sublime. They believe the world is imperfect and must not be exposed to "fallen Earth". As such, they wear special containment suits (although they have to pay for the suit themselves) and only eat special "clean" food.
The true insanity of their religion is that they are humans that harvest the organs of mutants and implant the organs in themselves to get super powers. However, this process can kill them if the organ aren't transplanted right. They believe this turns them into a "Third Species" ("Homo perfectus" as Sublime calls them) and will steal the mutant organs of dead U-Men. They use special weapons (such as bullets and razors) to get said organs.
U-Men work in teams. Each squad has a team leader and his/her lackeys. These team often go on mission to collect organs.
We first saw the U-Men as a group of them hunt down Angel Salvadore (who has fly-like powers). They are about to dissect her until Wolverine attacked and get killed. As such, more U-Men attack the X-Men's mansion only for Jean Grey and several students defeat them sending them running away in fear.
Next time we see them, Xorn was taking a class on field trip. Xorn gets distracted and left the group. A single U-Man got beaten by the students. The students discovered Xorn "slain" other attacking U-Men.
Kid Omega and his gang got high on a drug called Kick. Drunk, they decided to attack an U-Men headquarter. They end up killing several U-Men. Why are we suppose to treat them as threat?
A single U-Man was attacked by mutants on Planet X.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The OTHER Iron Man

He is the guy in the metal underwear (in case you were wondering).
Yes, there is a character named Iron Man that isn't owned by Marvel Comics. This Iron Man was created 1941 thus making him the first Canadian superhero and predating Tony Stark. Despite the pitcure shown above, the comic was actually one of the few colored (most Canadian comics at the time were black and white).
Iron Man was a member of a race of an amphibious human mutants that lived in the South Seas. However, an earthquake killed all of them save for Iron Man. He lived in a sunken castle (mourning the rest of his race's deaths) until World War II. He was "summoned" by someone named Major and two kids. He decided to fight the Nazis (who he thought were no better than the pirates he hated ... just roll with it).
He has various super powers. As mentioned before, he is amphibious. However, he is also super strong (allowing to punch through steel and jump higher than normal person) and indestructible.
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Friday, December 14, 2012

Danny Chase

Danny Chase was a short-lived member of the Marv Wolfman-era Teen Titans comics. He was intended to be a comic foil to other characters (especially  Beast Boy). However, because he criticized the other member despite being useless in battle, he came off as an egoistical and rude brat. As such, he became extremely unpopular with the fans. Despite Marv's attempts to make Danny more appealing, the negative reception was enough to have Danny written out of the series.
Danny was the son of international spies. As such, he was trained in being a spy himself. For unknown reasons, he had telekinesis and photographic memory. He joined the Teen Titans. He briefly became "Phantasm", using a hockey mask, fabrics and robot-voice simulator (that he stole (Our hero!)) to hide his identity. He gave his life to save Azarath (Raven's home world). His and other souls merged into a being called "Phantasm". This being has appeared time to time in various DC Comics since then. Brother Blood briefly brought Danny back as a zombie. In the Blackest Night event, his body was turned into a Black Lantern. However, Dawn Granger destroyed the Black Lantern Danny.
Danny's main power was telekinesis. However, the power is extremely limited. He could levitate himself when sitting Indian-style and throw small  objects, which annoyed people more than hurt them. Despite claiming to be a super-spy, he would panicked during battle thus enforcing idea he was a useless jerk.
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Captain

The Captain is a parody superhero that appears in the Nextwave comic series. He is a fouled-mouth, cynical and hard-drinking  superhero. He wears in civilian clothes like the rest of the team. More specifically he wears sneakers, a trenchcoat, camouflage pants and a t-shirt with a black star.
Little is known about his past. What we do know may not be true since the comic Civil War: Battle Damage Report claims the team might have had their mind and memories altered. He claims to be "from ☠☠☠☠ Brooklyn". He was born while his mother was listening Roxy Music's Avalon. His mother hanged his teddy bear leading him to hate teddy bears even to this day. As an adult, he was drunkenly walking around Brooklyn when two aliens, Spa-Fon and Squa-Tront, gave him with the power of "the Heartstar of the space between the galaxies" to make Brooklyn a better place. However, he mistook them for leprechauns and attacked them.
He became a superhero for unknown reason (claims it was "for the mask" despite him not wearing one in the entire series). He became Captain ☠☠☠☠ ("☠☠☠☠" being a censored cuss word so bad that Captain America beat up and shoved soap in his mouth). Then, he tried the names Captain Kerosene, Captain Marvel, Captain Avalon, Captain Avenger, Captain Ultra, Captain Universe, Captain L. Ron, Captain Ron and Captain Power, but had to give them up since other people already took them before him. He eventually had to pay a "marine-looking melon farmer" for his current name. A text box claims that the Captain is not a captain of anything. According to his fellow Nextwave member Aaron Stack, Captain cannot remember his real name and uses Captain as his name.
He joined Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort (H.A.T.E.)'s superhero group the Nextwave. However, he and the rest of the team went rogue when it turned out H.A.T.E. was working for terrorists known as the Beyond Corporation. He helped the team defeat the Beyond Corporation and H.A.T.E.
The Captain has a "generic set of super-hero abilities". He has super strength, super durability, flight and super vision. He has been shown fight the Godzilla-like Fin Fang Foom and even managed to brake one of Fin's fingers with his bare hands. However, when was trying to get his name, he was seen getting beaten up by multiple people. Alcohol does not hinder his super powers although he can still get drunk.