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In my posts about the U-Men and Xorn, I mentioned a villain called "John Sublime". So, I decided to do a post on him since most of you likely have no clue he was.
Sublime is a sentient bacteria and one of the first lifeforms on Earth. When multicelluar lifeforms appeared, he discovered he could possess them. However, mutants (like the X-Men) were immune his powers thus being a threat to him. It is hinted he started the fear of mutants (which if true would completely miss the point of the X-Men mythos). Sublime founded the Weapon Plus project by taking over a human body and taking the alias "John Sublime". The idea of the program was to create living weapons. The phases of Weapon Plus are referred to as "Weapon [Roman numeral]" such as Weapon V or Weapon XI. However, Malcolm Colcord caused Weapon X to be independent program. John Sublime founded the "TransSpecies Movement", which focuses on humans transfering mutant organs in their bodies thus giving them super power, and the U-Men. The X-Men discovered Sublime's "mutant farms" and tried to stop him. Sublime tried to buy Xorn from corrupt Chinese officals. Emma Frost seemly killed Sublime by accidentally dropping him off a building. However, Sublime survived and went back to leading Weapon Plus. Weapon XII-XV were Sublime's attempt to make genocidial mutant hunters that would look like a "Saturday morning cartoon come to life". Ultimaton (Weapon XV) was the only loyal member and was killed by Wolverine. Sublime made Xorn / Magento take over New York City via his mental powers in "Planet X". Xorn / Magento was killed by Wolverine. Chamber tried (and failed) to kill to Sublime. After "House of M" and most of the mutants losing their powers, Sublime tried to kill the X-Men with an army of robots and failed. The mutant haters Lobe, Thug, Verre, Burst and Bouncing Betty claimed they were working for Sublime.
Sublime has various powers. He can possess people. Under normal conditions, he cannot possess mutants. However, he can bypass this if the mutant is using the fictional drug Kick. He can control minds and enchance the powers of his host. He can cause his hosts to regenerate, which is how he can survive so many near-death experiences.
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