Saturday, December 29, 2012

Professor Ojo

Professor Ojo was the son of an assistant at a nuclear facility. Ojo's father was exposed to radiation causing Ojo to be born without eyes. Naturally, Ojo grew to hate atomic enegry. Being a genius despite his handicap, Ojo built a machine to allow him to see. He became an associate of the League of Assassins. He stole an "atomic submarine" only to be stopped by Richard Dragon and Ben Turner (G.O.O.D. members). Turner tried to confront Ojo because one of Ojo's lackey killed Turner's wife. However, Ojo brainwashed Turner into being the assassin Bronze Tiger and sold off his services. Ojo placed a giant flying eye over Star City. Green Lantern Guy Gardner destroyed it after Green Arrow and Green Lantern Hal Jordon failed to do so. He had another flying eye and used it to attack the Arkham Asylum thus freeing the villain Crumbler (real name Alexander Tuttle). Ojo teamed up with Alex so they could attack a nuclear power plant and show the world the horrible effects of radiation.  However, Green Arrow and Green Lantern stopped them.
For those you don't known, "Ojo" is the Spanish word for "eye".
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