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Before Marvel Comics became Marvel Comics, Marvel Comics was Atlas Comics. They had mutliple comics where each issue a (different) giant monster attacking the Earth. One example of these monsters was Goom.
Goom is an alien from Planet X with mental powers (hence his giant head) and alien technology. He tried (and failed) to conquer the planet Earth. Goom's son, Googam, also tried to take over the world. The Collector (an alien that collects living beings) imprisoned several monsters (including Goom). Mole Man freed the monsters. However, several superheroes beat up Goom and his fellow escapee monsters. Then, Mister Fantastic imprisoned the monsters in the Negative Zone. Goom escaped (off panel) and tried (unsuccessfully) to find a human mate. He disappeared thus abandoning Googam (leading him to join the Fin Fang Four). S.H.I.E.L.D. captured Goom and had their Howling Commando Monster Force unit imprison him.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nineties Anti-Hero

"DUUUUUUUUUUDE you know what would be totally hardcore? If there was a comic that didn't feature any of those stupid 'dialog balloons' or 'plot points.' It just had a guy SHOOTIN' STUUUUUUUFF! We could call it BLOODGUN! YEAH!" - '90s Kid in Atop the Fourth Wall episode "Cable # 1"
During the 1990s, antiheroes became extreme popular. Trying to be the opposite of Silver Age characters, antiheroes lacked heroic traits and were completely willing to kill. They tended to use lethal force. These antiheroes tended to be sarcastic, brooding, militaristic or outright insane. The antiheroes would do amorally ambiguous things. However, this led to the problem of having extremely unlikable protagonists that did (often) being unnecessarily violent and lethal.
Male versions of these tend to be overly muscular. They usually had bandoliers and pouches on their costumes. They used giant-over sized guns. Female versions are basically all the criticisms of super-heroine taken bizarre degrees: being objectified, barely there-clothes and impossible anatomy.
Their names tended to be "gritty", one word names (such as "Cable", "Deathblow","Shogun" and so on). They often had intentionally misspelled names (such as "Byrd" and "Lunatik") or names with the word "blood" (such as "Blood Pack") in it. This is either to standout or for trademark purposes.
  •  Various Atop the Fourth Wall episodes including "Youngblood # 1",  "Youngblood # 2",  "Youngblood # 3",  "Youngblood # 4",  "Youngblood # 5", "Bloodstrike # 1", "Cable # 1", "Lunatik # 1", "Pitt # 1", "Newmen # 1" and "Darker Image # 1" to name a few

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Green Team: Boy Millionaires

The team consists of thrill and adventure-seeking, teenage millionaires (you must have at least one million dollars to join). Members consisted of shipping tycoon Commodore Murphy, Texan oil magnate J.P. Huston (how stereotypical), film director Cecil Sunbeam aka "the Starmaker" (why, yes he is from Hollywood) and the token African-American Abdul Smith (who was shoeshine boy that got half-a-million dollar due to a glitch in his bank's computer and then used it in the stock market). According to a text page, the team's members kept about a quarter-million dollar in various locked pockets on their jumpsuits. The reason given was so that they could use it at anytime.
The team's first appearance was 1st Issue Special #2, a DC Comics series that basically consisted of comic book pilots. They were going have more stories, but they were cut short due to the DC Implosion. In Animal Man #25, the Green Team were among the obscure characters in Limbo and tried to bride the titular character to free them. They made various cameo appearances in several comics. DC Comics announced a comic called The Green Team, which will focus on how rich people and money effect the New 52 universe.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nick Knatterton

Nick Knatterton is a comic strip from Germany. It ran from 1950 to 1959.
Manfred Schmidt (the comic's creator) intended the strip to spoof Americans comics with tons of text, wordplay and impossibly correct deductions by the hero. However, most Germans at the time didn't read American comics and failed to realize it was a parody.
The Titular Character
Nick Knatterton is a private detective. While not very strong, he is very fit. He has incredible intelligence to point of figuring out where he was after having been taken when blindfolded.  Most of the stories focus on Knatterton solving cases involving wealthy families being victims of crimes by a well-intending villain. For some reason, a lot of these cases lead him going to a bar called Alibi Bar.

Monday, February 18, 2013


"Good at combat. Very bad at feeding himself." - Tvtropes page "Crippling Overspecialization"

Razor-Fist is one of the dumbest villains ever. He has arms instead of blades. So logically, he cannot feed himself, use the restroom or open a door.
William Young
The first Razor-Fist was a bodyguard / assassin / enforcer for Carlton Velcro. He fought Shang-Chi. He was shot to death several guards by mistakes.
Douglas Scott
He was nicknamed Razor-Fist because of his fast punches. He lost one of his hands and had it replaced by  a blade. He was sent to kill Shang-Chi, but was unintentionally killed by Velcro.
William Scott
He is the brother of Douglas. He lost both of his hands and were had blades replace them. He helped Schockwave and Zaran attack the West Coast Avengers, but was defeated by Mockingbird. Working for crime lord Roche, he battled Wolverine and nearly won, but was defeated. When attacking Hawkeye, Mockingbird beat up him. Elektra seemly killed William Scott. He was later seen fighting Spider-Man. After being attacked by Cat, he was sent to prison. In New Avengers,  he was an escaped criminal that was easily defeated. Later, he was hired by the Hood and fought the Enforcers. William helped attack Skrulls. He helped the Hood's gang attack the New Avengers. He was living at Camp: HAMMER, but left to help Norman Orsbon. Captain America and Bucky beat up Will. He was arrested.
Each Razor-Fist have the same abilities of each other. Their bodies are "honed to the peak of human conditioning". William and William had two blades hands, while Doug only had one. They all are trained in hand-to-hand combat.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Egg Fu

Egg Fu is an example of a character that you would think won't come back, but still does.
Racism taken to illogical extremes
Egg Fu was a Wonder Woman enemy that embodied nearly every offensive Asian stereotypes: affinity for the color yellow, Fu Manchu mustache, an accent where he replaces "r" with "l" and so on. He was giant, yellow, Chinese, living egg with a prehensile mustache. He turned Steve Trevor into a living bomb and sent him to America. He exploded and killed himself and Wonder Woman. The Amazons had a machine to bring them back. After using antimatter to remove the explosive energy from the duo, the Amazons stopped Egg Fu.
As if one Asian stereotype wasn't enough, Egg Fu the Fifth appeared (we never seen Egg Fu the Second, the Third or the Fourth). Wonder Woman was captured by Egg Fu V via her own lasso. Wonder danced and used her bracelets to crack Egg Fu V.
There is a third version of Egg Fu. In the Metal Men, the giant, racial stereotype egg Dr. Yes (a reference to Dr. No) captured Will Magnus via a giant robot and brainwashed the Metal Men. He did this believing "when the Amelicans see how these gleat heroes of theirs have turned tlaitors-- they will doubt anyone's stlength to lesist us!" I notice how his accent is on and off in the same sentence.
 At a football stadium, the Metal Men destroyed themselves and their shattered parts freed Will and destroyed the robot.
He looks like a mix of Mojo from X-Men and Humpty Dumpy
After the Crisis on Infinite Earths reboot, Egg Fu returned. He was a seemly a 19th century computer on display on a carnival despite the public (rightfully) complaining about how racist it was. However, Egg Fu was actually a piece of alien technology from the Apokolips (a planet full of evil members of the New Gods). Egg Fu began to mind control people so it could teleport them to Apokolips. Hippolyta, Wonder Girl, Artemis and Donna Troy stopped Egg Fu. Metron (a not-evil / not-good New God) removed it from Earth.
A less racist version of Egg Fu appear in 52: Chang Tzu / Chung Zhu (it's spelled both ways). This version is a yellow, cracked-skinned egg  that travels via chair with mechinical spider-legs and arms. Chang Tzu kidnapped several sciencists and forced them to work in his "Science Squad". Will Magnus shot Chang Tzu. Despite this, Tzu survived somehow.
In the Outsider and Checkmate crossover "Checkout", Chang Tzu kidnapped Captain Boomerang and Sasha Bordeaux and performed torturous experiments on them until they are freed by a UN-funded superhero team. According to Thundermind, Chang Tzu is a member of the superhero team the Great Ten. Despite this, he later appeared being beaten up by Wonder Woman, Power Girl and Batgirl.
His name has been inconsistent. He was introduced as Chang Tzu. However, he also has been called "Chung Zhu". He claimed he has "nine thousand and nine unmentionable names". So, is Chung Zhu and Chang Tzu may be either two of his 9009 names or just bad writing? YOU MAKE THE CALL!

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Fictional Character Biography 
Aaron Helzinger's amygdala (part of the brain) was removed in a failed attempt to cure him of his homicidal rage. This caused him to become even more excessively angry. Due to his childlike personality, he is easily manipulated by Batman villains. In the "Batman: The Last Arkham" storyline, Aaron Helzinger / Amygdala (manipulated by an insane Jeremiah Arkham) tried (and failed) to kill Batman. In "Knightfall", he was among the inmates of Arkham freed by Bane. Manipulated by the villain Ventriloquist, he tried (and failed) to kill Batman. He has been released and escaped multiple times. At one point he befriended Dick Grayson. In Infinite Crisis, he was a member of the Alexander Luthor Junior incarnation of the Secret Society of Super Villains. In Gotham Underground, he is seen at the Iceberg Lounge (a bar for villains made by the Penguin).
Amygdala has the of strength and durability of a bodybuilder. His emotional rages enhanced this further. These rages remove the restrains placed by people's self-awareness thus making him more dangerous.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Ambush Bug

Ambush Bug is one of my favorite superhero parodies.
When Ambush first appeared, he was a fairly competent villain (with some comedic overtones) for the Doom Patrol and Superman. In his next appearance, Ambush Bug shifted to being complete comedic. Ambush Bug later became a hero claiming he could the same things was doing before except it was legal now. He made several appearances short thereafter. In this time, he reveal his origin: Brum-El (thinking his home, planet Schwab, was going to be destroyed due to him breaking a chain letter) launched his wardrobe into space. However, after it was attacked by radioactive spider, only the Ambush Bug suit and a sock survived. They crashed on Earth and Irwin Schwab took the suit and became Ambush Bug. We also discover that Ambush Bug's mental illness causes him to misinterprets what is going around him and he knows he is in a comic.
Ambush Bug got his own miniseries. Ambush Bug found a doll "Cheeks" and thinks it is alive. Cheeks "dies" due to being unable to defuse a bomb. Ambush Bug fought a giant koala bear, a villain that is suppose to be Thiller, a fake Darkseid and Argh!Yle! The series introduced Ambush Bug's archenemy Argh!Yle!, the before mentioned sock turned evil genius, with a metal mask and an army of socks, that wants revenge on Ambush Bug for abandoning him.
In the Ambush Bug: Stock Stuffer, Cheeks is restored by the creators of the comic.
Ambush Bug got a new series: Son of Ambush Bug. In this series, the villain is the Interferer. The Interferer is an ex-comic writer that was given godlike powers by "rejectricity" when he yelled "SHAZAM!". The Interferer warped reality and tried to "fix" everything. Ambush Bug (since he knows he is in a comic) was able fight him. Argh!Yle! and his goons tried to kill Ambush Bug with the "Plan of Steel" (which involves with a copy of Superman's boot) and are blown up by DC Comics due to violating copyright. Ambush Bug was kicked out of the DC Universe. The Interferer was killed due to being the Omega Men comic as it was canceled.
Ambush Bug reappears in Secret Origin issue 48 without any explanation. Ambush Bug joined the short-lived Justice League of Anarchy (which also includes the Trickster, 'Mazing Man, Harley Quinn, the Creeper and Plastic Man. In 52, he was part of Firestorm's Justice League. Ambush got another miniseries Ambush Bug: Year None, which spoofed then-current events in comics. Ambush Bug joined the Doom Patrol until their comic was canceled. Ambush appears as a reporter for "Channel 52", a segment that summarizes current events in the DC New 52 universe. 
Ambush Bug's main power is teleportation.  This comes from the suit he wears. Originally, Ambush Bug would create tiny flying robots via his antennae. Then, he could switch places with them. However, after a botched attempt to fix one of these robots, he gained the power to teleport without the robots, which haven't been seen since. Ambush Bug is one of the few characters in the DCU that know he is in a comic.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

'Mazing Man

'Mazing Man (Sigfried Horatio Hunch III) is small man that dresses in a homemade costume and does various helpful deeds around his neighbor. Sigfried became millionaire due to winning a sweepstakes, although he doesn't live a luxurious lifestyle and most of friends have no idea about this. In Ambush Bug: Year None, he nonsensically appears on death row.
He had several supporting characters. Denton Fixx is Hunch's best friend and a writer for the fictional BC Comics. Eddie Valentine is the South Richmond Bank's Assistant Manager. Brenda is Eddie's wife. K.P. Watson is Denton's sister. Guido Garibaldi is a simple-minded jock that works at several shoe stores. Mrs. Costinas is Sigfried's grump landlady. Walter Vanderplatz is Eddie's superior. Sgt. Muldavey is a police officer annoyed by 'Mazing Man.
Zoot Sputnik
Zoot Sputnik is a comic-within-the-comic. It is (supposedly) written by Denton Fixx. This series is a parody of Golden Age comics. The main characters are the fearless Zoot, Zoot's son Winky, a dog named Barker, Judy and Judy's father Doctor Silo K. Zap (a sciencist).The villains are Bart Bartlebee and Big Al. Despite the same characters appearing, the setting radically alters between issues: one time they are in space, but next they are cowboys. Denton tried to add continuity between stories, but the idea was shot down by his editor.

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I'm a big fan of Ambush Bug, a parody superhero who is completely insane. I was going to do a post on him, but decided to it on the more obscure (but related) character of Mitsu-Bishi.
Mitsu-Bishi is the Japanese counterpart to Ambush Bug. Despite looking like a chibi version of him, he acts nothing like him. In his first appearance (Son of Ambush Bug # 1), Mitsu-Bishi had gotten the job of "Official Giant Monster Slayer" (thinking giant monsters don't exist). However, a Godzilla-like monster, Gorgon, appeared and swallowed Mitsu-Bishi whole. Despite this, he somehow survived this. When Ambush Bug was sent to Limbo (in the same miniseries), Mitsu-Bishi appeared in several filler strips. In the Ambush Bug: Nothing Special graphical novel, Mitsu-Bishi (acting out of character) attacked a manga artist for making a manga without speed-lines or ninjas (which he claims is an insult to ninjas everywhere including him, his mom, his dad and his dog, Rex).
As mentioned before, Mitsu-Bishi acts nothing like Ambush Bug. Mitsu-Bishi is a coward (often running away from danger) and selfish (he tried to con the Japanese government into paying him for doing a job he thought was a meaningless position where he wouldn't have to do any work). However, in Ambush Bug: Nothing Special, he acted in a hyperactive, crazy and overly-violent fashion.
  • Showcase Presents Ambush Bug volume 1

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I'm going to talk about a manga character: Saitama, the main character from One Punch Man. 
Prior to the series, Saitama was an unemployed person that aimlessly searched for jobs. After saving a child from a monster called "Crabrante" and killed the monster by pulling its eyes out  (ouch), Saitama decided to become a superhero. After training to the point of nearly killing himself, he gained "overwhelming power" and  lost his  hair.
When he first see Saitama in the series, he fought the villain Vaccine Man. After listening to Vaccine Man's monologue, Saitama killed Vaccine with one punch. He becomes frustrated with his easy victory. His main conflict during series is that since he is so powerful nothing can actually poses a threat thus his life is boring.
He is laid back. He is bored by his superhero work and doesn't take it seriously since as stated before nothing can hurt him. He constantly trying to find something that could actually hurt him.
He has super strength that is powerful enough to kill monsters with one punch. He is invulnerable enough that no monsters ever hurt him and he never feel pain. He is super fast to the degree that he ran a 1500 metre dash. He also has extreme senses.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


It's my 300th post! So, I going to talk about a very obscure hero (even for my standards): Doméstico! Doméstico is an Argentinian one-shot comic that deconstructs superhero tropes and is extremely similar to Kick A** (despite predating the comic by a year). Since the comic is in Spanish and I do not speak Spanish, I so I am relying on English sources and might make a mistake in my description of the plot.
Mariano is an insane asylum escapee that tried to become a superhero in order to impress his ex-girlfriend. However, she hates him and thinks he is insane (which he is). Mariano, instead of getting a sidekick, got several former friends to help him (despite not wanting to). His arch-nemesis (who in reality is just the boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend) easily managed to beat him up. Thanks to one of his former friends betraying him, Mariano got thrown back into the insane asylum he escaped from.
Mariano has no powers. However, he is extremely stubborn and determined (hence why he won't stop annoying his ex). He also has scooter that he bought from an eBay stand-in.
My sources was:

Friday, February 8, 2013


Ross G. Everbest
Inspired by a reverend that healed his paralysis (who Ross killed and preserved his body) and his upset over counterculture movements, Ross donned Zorro-like costume and got a "purification gun" so he could kill "fools" (sinners and criminals), thinking God wanted him do to so. He sent his victims a card that says "Foolkiller / e pluribus unum / You have 24 hours to live. Use them to repent or be forever damned to the pits of hell where goeth all fools. Today is the last day of the rest of your life. Use it wisely or die a fool." 24 hours before killing them. In a battle with Man-Thing, a shard of glass impaled Ross thus killing. Ross sent to Mephisto's Hell.
Gregory P. Salinger
Greg, after hearing about Ross from a Man-Thing supporting character Richard Rory, stole Ross' costume and gun to become a new Foolkiller. He killed  people he saw as" mediocre" and materialist or lacking in "poetic nature". During with Gregory's brawl with Spider-Man, a bum claimed only a fool would fight with Spider-Man. Salinger tried to kill himself after hearing this. He was thrown into an insane asylum.
Kurt Gerhardt
After various tragedies in his life, Kurt was driven to homicidal despair. After hearing Salinger on a talk show, Kurt (talking with Salinger via the Internet) decided to become the new Foolkiller and got Ross' gun. Kurt made a new costume with a leather mask and a new calling card with "Foolkiller / e pluribus unum / Actions have consequences." on it. Kurt killed criminals and negligent, drug-addicted people. He had a relationship with a women named Linda Klein, but ended the relationship. Kurt went even more crazy and became more violent (often traumatizing innocent people and killing celebrities). After the police found out who he was, he had surgery to alter his face and ran away to Arizona. In New Avengers, he was later seen as one of the inmates escaping the Raft prison. Later, he worked for the Hood until we was thrown in the same asylum Salinger was in.

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Long-time X-Men member Sean Cassidy began to reevaluate his life after his girlfriend left him and the school he worked at shut down. He decided to create a mutant police force in Europe. Sean forced Martinique Jason to mind control several X-Men villains (Fever Pitch, Blob and Avalanche). Non-mind controlled members (Radius, M, Jubilee, Husk, Multiple Man and Sunpyre) joined. They set up shop in Paris. They originally wore Nazi-like uniforms, but this was later removed. Mystique (pretending to be potential member named Surge) freed Martinique Jason thus freeing the villains. The villains (enraged by this) went on a rampage through Paris until the X-Men and heroic members of X-Corps stopped them. This lead to the team's disbanding. Several of the heroic members joined Professor Xavier's X-Corporation, which is otherwise unrelated.
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Teen Girl Squad

Time for Internet Slang 101. Today's lesson is on stylistic suck. Stylistic Suck is when a creator makes his work intentionally bad (usually for comedic effect). The talented Chapman brothers made a good webcomic example: Teen Girl Squad. The comic is (supposedly) made by the popular character Strong Bad (voiced by Matt Chapman), who also narrates the comic while speaking in falsetto.
The series focus on four "teenage girls between the ages of thirteen and nineteen". The main characters are the popular, but rude Cheerleader; the cynical and poor What's Her Face; the common sense-less genius So and So; and the crazy The Ugly One. As you can guess, the characters are parodies of female stereotypes. The girls often die comedic fashions, but come back unharmed like Scratchy from The Simpsons. The comic is intentionally drawn in a crude style.
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Monday, February 4, 2013


Xombi Volume 1
David Kim was a Korean-American scientist that created nanotechnology capable of regenerating tissues. A villain named Dr. Sugarman (no relation to the X-Men villain Sugar Man) wounded David. His assistant used the nanities to turn David into an immortal "xombi". Because he is immortal, he found himself caught in the affairs of ancient supernatural creatures.
Post-Infinite Crisis
After the multiverse was destroyed and fixed, we see two versions of Kim. One (from another timeline) became Green Lantern. Another one (in the main DC Universe) was basically the original version of Xombie and allied himself with the Spectre to fight a life force-sucking ghost. DC Comics announced a new Xombi series.
The nanotechnology regenerate his body and prevents aging and illness. He can heal almost instantly from any attack. This make him virtually immortal. He can also transmute certain substances via the nanotechology.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weapon Plus

In the '40s, John Sublime (a sentient bacteria that can possess non-mutant humans) founded the Weapon Plus programs to create living weapons. Despite claiming he was saving humanity from mutants, he was actually hunting mutants since they were immune to his powers. After Weapon X went rogue, John created his own facility (called "The World") and oversaw the program himself. Wolverine, Noh-Varr and Fantomex shut down the World.
Weapon I
This helped create Captain America. However. they failed to reproduce their success. One of their most notable attempt was experimenting on 300 African Americans. 299 were either killed in the experiment or by US soldiers for the sake of keeping it secret. Isaiah Bradley was the only one to survive.
Weapon II
They experimented on animals.
Weapon III
This program experimented on a mutant. He had "elastic multi-sensory skin". The mutant, now dubbed "Weapon III", was a US spy in the Cold War. After he tried (and failed) to steal the Orb of Necromancy, he was skinned alive (I wished I was kidding) by members of the Captain Britain Corps. He somehow survived and managed to get his muscles to work the same way his skin did.
Weapon IV
They experimented on animals... again.
Weapon V and VI
These programs tested on ethnic minorities.
Weapon VII
This program had experimented Vietnam soldiers. Thanks to Wolverine, they created Nuke, a villainous, drug-addicted superhuman with implants under his skin. The UK and S.H.I.E.L.D. had their own versions that created several minor characters.
Weapon VIII and IX
These programs tested on psychopaths and criminals. Those aren't the type of people you want to give superpowers.
Weapon X
This program gave Wolverine his metal-coated skeleton. However, they went rogue. They also are responsible for the creation of Sabertooth and Deadpool. Weapon X was absorbed into Department K, an Canadian government agency.
Weapon XI
There is nothing known about program Weapon XI.
Weapon XII
Huntsman (Weapon XII) was created via nanotech and artificial evolution. After a clash with the X-Cell, Huntsman joined the Super-Sentinels, a team trying to make mutant genocide acceptable to the public.
Weapon XIII
This program created Fantomex via nanotech. However, Fantomex rebelled.
Weapon XIV
The Stepford Cuckoos (telepathic quintuplets) were revealed to have been the focus in this program.
Weapon XV
Ultimaton (Weapon XV) was created as part of the Super-Sentinels. He was killed by Wolverine. Fantomex brought him back to guard a clone of the X-Men villain Apocalypse.
Weapon XVI
Allgod (Weapon XVI) was a "living religion" virus that turned people into slaves devoted to the religion. However, atheists were immune to it. It was stopped when the World was shut down.
Weapon Infinity
In the far future, this program that creates cyborg-zombies.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Winky, Blinky, and Noddy

Winky (left), Noddy and Blinky (right)
Winky, Blinky, and Noddy are three comic relief, supporting characters for the Jay Garrick Flash. Their names are derived from the poem Wynken, Blynken, and Nod. They are also based on the Three Stooges.
Winky Moylan, Blinky Boylan, and Noddy Toylan were three henchmen that worked for an evil stable owner. However, they became good guys after Flash captured their boss. They would often get in trouble while trying to get jobs and Flash would have to save them. As such, they were nicknamed the "Three Numbskulls", the "Three Dopes", the "Three Idiots" and the "Three Dimwits". After several appearances in the Silver Age, they got to a job at the Flash Museum. However, in  Justice League: Cry for Justice, they were pointlessly killed off-panel by someone (it's unknown who did it) stealing the Cosmic Treadmill.