Saturday, February 9, 2013


It's my 300th post! So, I going to talk about a very obscure hero (even for my standards): Doméstico! Doméstico is an Argentinian one-shot comic that deconstructs superhero tropes and is extremely similar to Kick A** (despite predating the comic by a year). Since the comic is in Spanish and I do not speak Spanish, I so I am relying on English sources and might make a mistake in my description of the plot.
Mariano is an insane asylum escapee that tried to become a superhero in order to impress his ex-girlfriend. However, she hates him and thinks he is insane (which he is). Mariano, instead of getting a sidekick, got several former friends to help him (despite not wanting to). His arch-nemesis (who in reality is just the boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend) easily managed to beat him up. Thanks to one of his former friends betraying him, Mariano got thrown back into the insane asylum he escaped from.
Mariano has no powers. However, he is extremely stubborn and determined (hence why he won't stop annoying his ex). He also has scooter that he bought from an eBay stand-in.
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