Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Green Team: Boy Millionaires

The team consists of thrill and adventure-seeking, teenage millionaires (you must have at least one million dollars to join). Members consisted of shipping tycoon Commodore Murphy, Texan oil magnate J.P. Huston (how stereotypical), film director Cecil Sunbeam aka "the Starmaker" (why, yes he is from Hollywood) and the token African-American Abdul Smith (who was shoeshine boy that got half-a-million dollar due to a glitch in his bank's computer and then used it in the stock market). According to a text page, the team's members kept about a quarter-million dollar in various locked pockets on their jumpsuits. The reason given was so that they could use it at anytime.
The team's first appearance was 1st Issue Special #2, a DC Comics series that basically consisted of comic book pilots. They were going have more stories, but they were cut short due to the DC Implosion. In Animal Man #25, the Green Team were among the obscure characters in Limbo and tried to bride the titular character to free them. They made various cameo appearances in several comics. DC Comics announced a comic called The Green Team, which will focus on how rich people and money effect the New 52 universe.

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