Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mister Mind

This guy is not a Spider-Ham character.
Earth Two
The telepathic, work-like Mr. Mind came to Earth, because he enjoyed the planet's radio broadcasts especially
Charlie McCarthy. After learning Charlie didn't exist, he decided to conquer the Earth. He formed the Monster Society of Evil with Dummy (a living puppet), Ramulus (control plants), Mr. Who (super strong shapeshifter) (not to be confused with Doctor Who), Oom (an animated statue with magic powers) and Nyola (magic-using Aztec priestess). But, they quickly turned on him and he fled to Earth S. Without a leader, the All-Star Squadron creamed them.
Captain Marvel Adventures: "Nightmares From Now On"
On Earth S (in the 1940s), he conquer most of space and parts of Earth. So, he formed a massive version of the Monster Society including (but wasn't limited to) Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Captain Nazi (super strong), Doctor Sivana (a mad scientist), Dr. Smashi, Monster Students and the satyr Archibald. After stopping their mad plans, Earth-S Captain Marvel captured Mister Mind, which ultimately lead to the team's disband.
Return to the Society
After being electrocuted, his alien physiology put him into suspended animation and people thought he was dead. So when he woke, a taxidermist was going to stuff him! He stopped the taxidermist and made him make a fake, stuffed "Mr. Mind". So, he reformed the Society for the 3rd time with Dr. Sivana, IBAC, George and Siviana Jr. (Doctor Siviana's kids). They entered Mary and Uncle Marvel's dreams and terrorize them. But were stopped, when Uncle Marvel dreamt about the Marvels. Dr. Sivana was sent to prison, causing their disband.
The Society Strikes Back
Mr. Mind for the umpteenth time reformed the society. This time with the inhabits of 247 planets, Black Marvel (has the power of SHAZAM), Dr. Sivana, IBAC, Mister Atom (has nuclear-based powers), King Kull (has super strenght and intellgence) and Oggar (an immortal wizard). They tried to conquer the world (again!) and nearly successed.
World's Funniest
During a duel between Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk, Mr. Mind reformed the team with Black Adam, Captain Nazi, Dr. Sivana, Evil Eye, Goat-Man, IBAC, Jeepers, Mister Atom, Mr. Banjo, unnamed Crocodile-men and silhouettes.
Power of Shazam!
After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Mr. Mind in WW II tried be a scout for an invasion on Earth for Venus, only to be stop by Golden Age heroes. Decades later, he tried to conquer the Earth with Siviana and a army of Venus "worms". Captain and Mary Marvel killed all the worms expect for Mister Mind and put him in a superhuman prison, only to escape via the robotic Mr. Atom. He tried to clone him self to control the world's citizens, only to be stopped by the Green Lanterns.
JSA and 52
He tried to overthrow the government of Kahndaq with Black Adam's Monster Society team only to be stop by the Atom. In the 52 series, he causes many time paradoxes. He kidnapped Booster Gold's robot Skeet to use as a cocoon, while he turned into a giant moth-like alien. After a long hunt, Rip Hunter shrinks and "freezes" Mr. Mind.
Booster Gold
After escaping, Mr. Mind (in larva form) took over Booster's dad and allied himself with Ultra-Humanite, Per Degaton, Despero and Black Beetle. He later forced out of his host's body and is step on (and seemly killed) by Ted Kord.
Powers and Abilities
  • Larva Form- As a Larva, Mister Mind was a powerful telepathy. He also spin a super-strong silk at high speeds. He was also long lived.
  • "Moth" Form- He was a "hyperfly" (with increased space and time-controlling abilities) that "feeds" on the timelines in one universe. He was able to make 52 (exactly the same) timelines completely different (actually eating their history).

After being forced to return back to this larva form, he gains the power to reproduce asexually. But do to so, he needs a host to breed his "clones".


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Viking Prince

The Viking Prince is the stuff of legends, but for a long time nobody knew why! In The Brave and the Bold issue 1-26, he was a amnesiac viking that a captain called "Jon". Despite the efforts of Thorvald, he regain his memory and learned he was the heir of a viking throne (his father was King Rikk) and Thorvald was next to be king if he couldn't. "Jon" had to do the "12 tasks of Thor" to regain his throne. It's unknown if he did so. However, Our Army at War # 162 claimed he was banned from Valhalla (Norse Heaven) by Odin (the king of the Norse gods), unless he died a heroic death. But, Odin gave him immunity to every known weapon. He somehow was frozen until World War II, where he was killed by plastic explosive (which weren't invented in the Prince's time). This version was adapted for the modern DC continuity (although in this he was teleported by a time warp instead of being frozen). In Birds of Prey # 29 (part of the modern continuity), Black Canary was sent to the 12th century were she met and had a short relationship with the Viking Prince (named Jon Haraldson here), before she returned to the 21st century. Jon took a bullet for meant Black Canary. He somehow survived and was describe as "mourning a love lost to time". In The War That Time Forgot mini-series, he is one of the many warriors from across time that appear.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mr. Mighty

Mr. Mighty is so famous almost nobody has ever heard of him. Although technically we don't what he real origin is, he claims was an alien named Barb-Ell, the son of Dumb-Ell (a Jor-El parody), from the planet Neon (a reference to how Krypton is also the name of an element). The citizens of Neon ignored Dumb-Ell's warning the planet was going to explode! So, he launch his son into space. However, it turned out that Dumb-Ell was just a crackpot and the planet didn't explode! The next part, we know to be true. He founded (on Earth) the Freedom Brigade with his fellow superhero parodies (in case you haven't figured out MM is a Superman-parody): the Bowman (Green Arrow parody), Captain Swift (Flash), Lady Liberty (Miss America), the Mermaid (Aquaman), the Patriot (Uncle Sam) and Princess Power (Wonder Woman). He had the alter ego of Mr. Brent (first name unknown). He married Mermaid and had a son Leaner Brent a.k.a Awkward Man (a member of the Inferior Five). Mr. Mighty joined the staff of Dean Egghead's Academy for Super-Heroes (a parody of Professor Xavier's school for mutants), after about 20 years of retirement.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brother Power the Geek

Brother Power is probably the weirdest comic hero I've ever blogged about.
Brother Power was a mannequin in an empty tailor shop. Two hippies (Paul Cymbalist and Nick Cranston) took over and dressed in hippie clothes that were "wet and bloodied" to stop shrinking. Eventually, they abandon the shop later. Somehow when stuck by lightning it animated (brought to life) the mannequin. Brother Power was captured and forced to be in the "Psychedelic Circus". After escaping, another hippie named Cindy gave him a face and he ran (and failed) for president. His misadventures in trying to find a job inspired hippies to do the same. He got a job at the J. P. Acme Corporation. He was last seen being launch into space after trying to stop a rocket launch.
Power and Abilities
He is a unique form of "pseudo-life". Because he is cloth dummy full of rags and is supported by framework inside of him, he is resistant to harm and is pliable. The lightning that animated him gave him super strength, speed and jumping ability. He can also absorb electricity.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mister X

What would a mix of Martian Manhunter and Charles Xavier be like? Amalgam Comics decided to find out! Mr. X (J' onn J' onzz / Marco Xavier) was a telepathic shapeshifter that agree to help the JLX in their trek to find Atlantis. He used his telepathy to direct the JLX in battle and began a friendship with Aqua-Mariner (Aquaman and Sub-Mariner mix). Eventually, he and rest of the team found Atlantis, but they also found a fight with Will Mangus. During the battle, it was revealed Marco was a Skrull from Mars that fled to Earth. At first the JLX interpreted his as a deception, but Aqua-Mariner pointed out "that who judge are judged themselves".

Marvel Chronicles

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bizarro No.1 (Earth-One)

Every villain wish they could have their own mindless "Superman". One day, Lex Luthor tried to make this dream real (and failed). He built a Duplicator Ray. However when he tired on Superman, he create a twisted version of him. Bizarro (the clone) had the reverse thought-process of Superman (he acts the reverse of Superman). He had flight, Ice-vision (as opposed to Heat-vision), Flame-breathe (as opposed to Ice-breathe) and invulnerability. However in the process of Bizarro's creation, it also created blue kryptonite. While this has no effect on the Man of Steel, it's lethal to Bizarro (like "normal" kryptonite is to Superman). He took of the Bizarro World, when Bizarro No.2 died. This version of Bizarro was erased from the DC continuity because of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. This version is also the most famous, although he not the first (in an earlier adventure Bizarro-Superboy-like clone appeared that destroyed in his first appearance).


Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Mask I-II

What is has a green head, juggernaut-like powers and little or no sanity? The Mask! Stanley Ipkiss was a neurotic and weak man that decided to buy his girlfriend, Kathy, a gift. He decided to buy her a jade mask. The mask started to talk to him! The mask convinced him to try it on. It turned him into a wacky, green-skinned headed man with superhuman psychical abilities (super agility, endurance etc.), reality warping, super intelligence and no self-control or sanity. He took revenge on everyone from the motor mechanics (that overcharge him a lot) to his first grade teacher. The media calls him "Big Head" (because the mask makes his head look large). He takes it off and a becomes aware of what happen. Due to a mysterious side-effect, he started to act abusive toward Kathy. So, she kick him out, but keeps the mask (since it was a gift). Stanley broke into Kathy's house (to steal the mask), but he was confronted by police. Putting on the mask, he killed most of them. He returned home and took off the mask, only to be killed by Kathy (who figured out who the Mask is). She gives the mask to Lt. Kellyaway and warns him about it. Not listening to what Kathy said he tried it on (as a joke). He becomes Big Head and decided to get revenge on the city crime lords (extremely violently). After nearly killing his friend (who was trying to stop him), he realize what he was doing and runs away. He buries the mask in with cement in his basement and vows to never use it again.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Red Hood I

You may have never heard of this guy, but he became one of Batman's moat famous foes. Red Hood was a mysterious criminal (possibly a former chemical engineer and then struggling comedian that could have been Jack) that donned a red dome helmet (that haf 1-way see-through glass), a red cape and a tuxedo. He tried to rob a chemical plant, but a certain cape crusader (Batman) got in his way. Left with no alternatives, he jumped into a vat of chemicals and swam away (his helmet had an emergency oxygen supply). In The Man Behind the Red Hood story, it was revealed that the chemicals turned his hair green, hid lips "rouge-red" and his skin "chalk-white". So he decided to become the clown-theme villain the Joker. He became Batman's arch-foe, while doing bizarre crimes like dressing up like famous comedic characters and rob people or using an utility belt (similar to Batman's) with a various clown-themes weapons (such as a hand buzzer and fake cigarettes that explode) and a small cork.
The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told

Heroes of Lallor

Duplicate Boy, Evolvo Lad, Gas Girl, Life Lass and Beast Boy
These champions of justice have powers that rival even the Legion of Super Heroes! Each of the original members (seen above) were roughly born about the same time. They all had super powers due to their parents being exposed to atomic radiation. They were raised by the dictatorship government of Lallor, but were banished for disagreeing with the government's
actions. They were trick by a villain, related to the Jungle King (a foe killed by the Legion), to attack the Legion. But, the government of Lallor was overthrown, so the 5 heroes went back home. Beast Boy died, while leading an animal revolt against the humans. The remaining member help out the Legion several times. They have one post-Zero Hour appearance, where they can't help the Legion due trouble on Lallor. Original members were:
  • Duplicate Boy- Ord Quelu (also called vise versa) is able to duplicate super powers.
  • Evolvo Lad- Sev Tcheru is able to turn into a super-smart superhuman (with a oversized cranium) or a super strong ape-like beast.
  • Gas Girl- Tal Nahii is able to turn into any gas or vapor.
  • Life Lass- Somi Gan can animate (bring to life) any inanimate object.
  • Beast Boy- IIshu Nor can turn into any animal. Not to be confused with the Teen Titan / Doom Patrol member of the same name.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lobo the Duck

Beware of merciless anamorphic duck bounty hunter. Lobo the Duck is amalgam of Lobo and Howard the Duck. He was hired to solve the murders of hero including Doctor Strangefate, Super Soldier, Aqua Mainer, Dare the Terminator and Hawkhawk. He battled various super villains including Doctor Bongface and Gold Kidney-Lady. However, he accidentally caused G.K.L. to fall on the switch that activated her doomsday device. Sadly, the ultimate fate of Lobo is unrevealed (because it was planned for it to be reveal in his second issue, which was canceled).
Minor Characters
  • Al Forbush-He is the owner of Al Forbush's Subterranean Diner. He is mix of the Forbush Man and Al.

  • Ambush the Lunatik- He is a fellow bounty hunter that angered Lobo (bad move!). So Lobo ate him. He is a mix of Lunatik and Ambush Bug

  • Bevarlene- She is Lobo's girlfriend that he swore to aways love in the fake Gaint-Size Bat-Thing # 6. But, he still dated other women. Although, this gets her really uspet, she always come back to Lobo. She is a mix of Beverly Switzler and Darlene.

  • Billie the Mille (Millie the Model and Billy the Girl) and Gamorola (Gamora and Shoa-La)- They are two fellow female bounty hunter that try to date Lobo. But, Bevarlene doesn't like this.

  • Daryl Rutabaga- He is a bounty hunter was trapped in space by his brother, so he broke his brother's jaw. He is a mix of Space Turnip and Jonas Glim.

  • Doctor Bongface- Using the Crystal Rod of Doom, he "capture and creamed" Lobo's fellow bounty hunters. So Lobo trapped him on the Moon. So, his henchmen tried to gather the dead bodies of heroes, so they'll give him the power he needs escape (don't ask how that works). He is a mix of Doctor Bong and Scarface.

  • Gold Kidney-Lady- She is the leader of a kidney-obsessed cult. She killed the heroes. Lobo shot her to death, but caused her to fall on the activation switch of her doomsday device. She is a mix of Kidney Lady and Goldstar.

  • Godthing-Godthing is partly responsible for saving the Earth in the unpublished Lobo the Duck # 2. He is mix of the Chair Thing and Gawd.

  • Kidnoids- They are a kidney-obsessed cult that G.K.L. leads.

  • Impossible Dawg- He is Lobo's green, dog-like pet. He can change his appearance to look like characters from the Marvel and DC uinverse like Spiderman and Wonder Woman. He is a mix of the Impossible Man and Dawg.

  • Jonas Turnip- He is a fellow male bounty hunter that knew that G.K.L. killed the heroes, but he was shot in the jaw by his brother.

  • The Offensive Society- A team that Gold Kidney-Lady killed. Lobo is hired to solve their murders. They're a mix of the Defenders and the Justice society of America.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Yes, I am blogging about a cartoon pig in a Spiderman-costume. Peter was a spider from a reality that was full of Mickey Mouse-cartoon-like animal people. Peter was a spider that lived in the basement / lab of May Porker. After using her invention, "the world's first atomic powered hairdryer", she became temporally radioactive. During a fit of delusion, she bit Peter giving him a pig-like appearance. Disoriented, he realize he still had his spider-like abilities:
"This is astounding! Am I a spider with the limitations of a pig? Or a pig proportionate strength and agility of a spider? I've become something greater than spider or pig... I've become a Spider-Ham!"
He decided to fight injustice. He adopted the name Peter Porker (partly because May thought that she was his aunt). He fought foes including Ducktor Doom (Doctor Doom parody), the Buzzard (Vulture parody), the Bull-Frog (Man-Bull parody) and Hogzilla (Godzilla-like swine). Other heroes of Spider-Ham universe (most of which were in back-up stories) include the X-Bugs (X-men), Deerdevil (Daredevil), Goose Rider (Ghost Rider), Awful Flight (Alpha-Flight) and Croctor Strange (Doctor Strange).