Sunday, September 27, 2009

Martian Manhunter

Early Years
J' onn J' onzz was a "normal" green martian, martian manhunter (police officer), until the mad Ma' alefa' ak (a green martian) spread a disease spread by telepathy that caused the green martain to burst into fire (their one weakness). Ma' alefa' ak was immune, because he has no telepathy and had immunity to fire. This plague kill everyone, expect him and J' onn (including J' onn's wife and daughter). J' onnn trapped Ma' alefa' ak under Mount Mons (Mars' biggest mountain).

Welcome to Earth!
He spent countless years until Dr. Saul Erdel built a machine to try to talk to martians. Image his surprise when it teleported him one! Dr. Saul Erdel helped nurse the distraught alien, before dying from a heart attack. Now stuck with no way home, J' onn became a superhero with the alter ego of John Jones (a detective that in reality was dead). He later became a founding member of the Justice league along with Flash (Barry Allen), Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordon), Superman, Aguaman and Batman.

Justice League International
While severing in the JLI, J' onn become the straight man for the team's comical situations and also obsessed with oreos cookies (partly due to Captain Marvel's influence). J' onn reveal his "real form" is really a mix of his human and martian forms.

When Checkmate tried to imprison the world's criminals on another planet, J' onn saved them.

Blackest Nigth
Having died a short time ago, J' onn joined the Black Lanterns. He confronts Barry Allen and Hal Jordon and says they should be dead before figthing them.

Powers and Abilites
Martian Manhunter has alot of powers making him "the Swiss Army Knife of superheroes". These are most from his telekinesis, genetic tampering and molecule control over his body. His amazing powers include:

  • Shape-Shifting- J' onn has the to seemly limitless mental control over his shape and color.

  • Invisibility- J' onn can stop light from bouncing off of him, making him unable to be seen.

  • Phasing- Somehow he is able to become intangible like Phantom Girl.

  • Superhuman Durability- He can absorb almost any kinetic energy and harden his body so much it rivals Superman!

  • Superhuman Strength- He is one of the strongest being on Earth. With 100 + class strength, he can lift oil tankers!

  • Regeneration- J' onn can grow back lost limbs and body parts.

  • Flight- Manhunter has been seen flying at speed of Mach 10 (7690 MPH for you not-brainiacs) and 7 miles per second.

  • Superhuman Endurance- J' onn can work under extreme conditions and endure more then "normal" humans.

  • Extrasensory senses- Manhunter has nine senses!

  • Telepathy- He is one of the Earth's strongest telepathes. He has the following powers via telepathy: illusion casting; sleep inducing; mind scanning; creating metal sheilds (stopping him from being affected by telepathy); downloading information from people's brains; limited mind control; thought sensing; can create telepathic links; attack people mentally.

However these power have one weakness: fire. He is scared of fire (it unknown if this a cultural or personal fear). Exposure to fire will cause to lose his powers and become vulnerable.

DC Comic Encyclopedia

Monday, September 21, 2009

Adult Legion of Super-Villains

The Legion of Super Villains are the villainous counterparts to the Legion of Superheroes (a team of heroes in the 30th / 31st century). The "adult" LSV was the first incarnation of this team.
These most of villains are base off of Legion of Super-Heroes members. It is unknown if they have any connection to Tarik the Mute (who formed our timeline's LSV). They basically try to destroy Superman and the LSH. Members are:
  • Saturn Queen- She is a telepathic woman from Saturn that was bored with the crime-free Saturn. So she left and joined the LSV. It's revealed there's a younger verison of her in the "real" LSV's timeline. She is based off of Saturn Girl.
  • Cosmic King- Laevar Bolto built a machine that can change the psychical properties of any object. He gain this power, when he accidentally walk through a beam, the machine was firing. The government of Venus exiled him. He didn't take that well. So he join the LSV. He based off of Cosmic Boy.
  • Lightning Lord- Mekt Ranzz was with brother and sister on a space ship that ran out of fuel. So he try to get a "lightning beast" to fuel it. But the beast tried to kill him. However, he, his brother and sister gained the power to create and control lighting, because of the beast. Mekt became a super villain called Lighting Lord, while his brother and sister became the super-heroes Lighting Lad and Lighting Lass. He later decided to join the LSV.
  • Chameleon Chief- Almost nothing about his past is known. While he looks like a Durlan, he claims he's not from Durla. But he might be telling the truth, because as he can shapeshift (like Durlans), he also can change the shape of anything, he touches (which "normal" Durlans can't do). He is based off of Chameleon Boy.
  • Sun Emperor- Somehow Nigel Douglous gained Sun Boy's (who he is based off of) power to emit and control heat and light.
  • Lex Luthor- Thanks to a lab accident involving Superboy, Lex lost his hair. He became mad at him and has become the boy of steel's arch-enemy. He kinda like a mad scientist. He is one of the few members that is not based off of a LSH member.
  • Echo- He is a mysterious man with sonic and sound-based powers. He is one of the few members that is not based off of a LSH member.
  • Beauty Blaze- She is another Sun Boy "copycat". She has his powers. She is probably based off of Sun Boy.
Later the adult Legion of Super-Villains' timeline was destroyed.
Showcase Present the Legion of Super-Heroes

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vision I (Aarkus)

Aarkus was a superhero from the "Smoke-world" that came to Earth during War World II. He was suppose to keep the Cosmic Cube safe, but was distracted by World War 2. He took the name "the Vision" and battled Nazi. But later the Cosmic Cube (corrupted by human fear and despair) transformed him into a super powerful evil demon D' Spayre. But Doctor Strange and Echo used the Cosmic Cube to turn Aarkus good again and banish (the now-separate-entity) D' Spayre. Now as Aarkus, he join the Invaders
Vision has flight, ice manipulation, illusion casting, immortality, telepathy, superhuman endurance, teleportion (limited to wherever there's smoke) and wind burst generation.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Critic Corner # 1

I am introducing a new "blog segment": Critic Corner. Here I'll tell you about my review of comic issues.
Comic: Action Comics No. 247
Stars: 4
Synopsis: Superboy meets the Legion of Super Heroes. They ofter him a chance to earn membership. But despite the fact they owe their existence to him, Superboy wasn't "super" enough!
Feature Characters: Superboy; Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad (Legion of Super Heroes)
Trivia: 1) Saturn Girl said that she, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy got their powers from being alien, but it was revealed Lightning Lad got his powers when attacked by a "lightning beast". 2) Although this was intended to be a one-shot, the Legion was popular enough to feature in later stories.
Showcase present: the Legion of Super Heroes

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Captain Marvel (DC Comics)

The Big Red Cheese himself (up here)

It's bird! It's plane! It's some guy in red tights! Billy Batson was eleven-year-old orphan on the streets. One while in the subway, a stranger lead him a wizard called Shazam. Shazam gave the boy the power to when every he says "SHAZAM!", a magic lighting bolt turns him into the super-powerful , adult Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel has:

  • Solomon's wisdom

  • Hercules' strength

  • Atlas' stamina (and endurance)

  • Zues' power (makes him magic-resistant, mentally and psychically enhanced; and allows him to create magic lightning)

  • Achilles' courage (makes him telepathic-attack-resistant)

  • Mercury's speed (and flight)

Later, he told his long-lost sister about his power and she gained them too. So their was a whole "Marvel family". Captain Marvel has three notable foes:

  • Mr. Mind- He is a super smart, telepathic worm from Venus that wants to conquer the Earth. He formed the Monster Society of Evil.

  • Doctor Sivana- He is a mad sciencist similar to Lex Luthor.

  • Black Adam- He has the power to become super powerful, when he says the word "SHAZAM!" too. But he gains the powers if Eyptain gods.


Red Tornado (Golden Age)

This hero is one of first super hero parodies and female comic heroes (and possibly the first). Abigial Mathilda "Ma" Hunkel was a working mother, whose whole neighborhood was threaten by a gang's protection racket. She was inspire for heroism by her son's admiration for Alan Scott (the Green Lantern) to become a crime-figther! She donned boxers, red long johns, a cooking pot (she put two holes in), a cape and T-shirt and became the Red Tornado! She was very good at figthing New York's (where she lives) crime, because of her uncanny figthing skills. She toke out the entire gang single-handily. She spends her early adventures parodying the superhero gene. She was often mistaken for a male. She tryed to join the Justice Society of America (the "Justice League" of the Golden Age), but her long johns tore, so she had to leave before trying out, but later became a honorary member. Later, her granddaughter joined the Justice Society.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This guy is one of most deadest threats to human kind! Quisp is a fifth dimensional being that can warp reality by thinking! He left the 5th dimension to explore the 3rd and became the "Bat-Mite" of Aqua Man and Aqua Lad. One day Quisp discover his hero became darker and more serious. This inspired him to become a deadly threat. Calling himself Qwsp, he manipulated another 5th dimensional being, Lkz, to attack the 3rd dimension. It took the Justice League of America, the Justice Society of America and Captain Marvel to stop Qwsp's mad plan! During the battle, Lkz merged with one of Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt (a 5th dimensional being called Yz) in a new being: Ylzkz. A teenager named Jakeem William took control over Ylzkz and later joined the Justice Society. But the Spectre overpowered them and banished them to the 5th dimension. Qwsp took over Jakeem's body and gained control over Thunderbolt. So he started a war in the 5th dimension. Although forced to obey both Qwsp and Jakeem, Mr. Terrific (who was helping out with Star Girl and Hour Man) convinced Thunderbolt to defy Jakeem, since he disobeyed Jakeem, by just throwing lightning, when order to kill them, even tought he could just kill them with one thought. He also conviced him just because something was always been that way in the past, it doesn't mean that it'll be the same in the future. So Thunderbolt drove Qwsp out of Jakeem and fell in the hands of Saradin.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bizarro Legion of Superheroes

What is worse than a mindless and idiotic clone of a hero? Nine of them. That rigth: nine! When Bizarro Superboy (young Bizarro) was rejected from the Legion of Superheroes, he made his own legion, that he felt would fill the void in his life Legion membership would have filled. This Legion had Bizarro-versions of Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, Chameleon Boy, Invisible Kid, Ultra-Boy, Mon-El and Brainiac 5 (all of them have the same name of their counter parts just with the word "Bizarro" in front of it). They acted the opposite of their counterparts like Bizarro. But they had the same powers (unlike Bizarro), but with some imperfection. For example, Bizarro Invisible Kid could turn his body invisible, but not his clothes and Bizzaro Brainiac 5's inventions never worked out and thinking hurt his head. Under the command of Bizarro, the live by the Bizarro code (being the opposite of their counterparts) and did deeds they thought were good, but due to their logic cause grief for everyone they met. Their base was a beat-up club-house on Htrae and it had space-ship. They agreed to disband and stay in Htrae, if the Legion crushed their planet's diamonds into coal, which was more valuable (I have no idea how they did that). It's unknown if they survived the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not Brand Echh

I decided to talk about a comic book series that parodies "normal" comic book characters. "Brand Echh" was term Stan Lee used to describe Marvel's competitors, hence the name. A typical issue would include parodies of comic characters (even Marvel's) in stories like Ironed Man (a Iron Man parody) vs. Mangus, the Robot Biter (a parody of Mangus, the Robot Figther). The comic introduced a memorible character called Forbush Man. Forbush Man was a wannbe hero with no powers and wore cooking pot in his head and red long johns with letter "F" on it. Events took place in the "Marble Universe".

Marvel Chronicles

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Solomon Grundy

Cyrus Gold had a normal life and a not-so normal after-life. In the late 19Th century, he was murdered and dumped in the Gotham Swamp. 50 years later, Cyrus comes back to life as a dim-witted zombie with almost no memory of his life. He also spend those 50 years decaying (hence his appearance). He had also somehow gained superhuman endurance, strength, healing and the power to return form the dead. He met a hobo that asked him his name. He couldn't remember it, but he did remember he was "born on Monday". So the hobo tells him about the nursery rhyme character Solomon Grundy (who was also "born on Monday"). So Gold took up this name. Due to being nearly mindless and vicious, he turned to crime. He become the enemy of Alan Scott. Because plants are growing in Grundy's body, Alan's werid Lantern ring couldn't affect him. Solomon has been an enemy to almost all the Green Lanterns.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Toyman 1-3

Toyman is one of DC comic's more unique villains.
Winslow Schott
Is he a children-loving toy-maker or a bloody killer? He is both! Winslow Schott was one of (if not the) best toy-makers, his goal was to make the best toy ever! One day a man from LexCorp named Walter Dunhill ofter him to mass produce his toys and made millions of kids happy. He first turned it down, because his wife was not to happy about the idea. But he agreed after his wife died. However Walter lied! He scammed Winslow out of his toy designs and his store! Walter refused to give back Winslow his store back, because he now owned it. That was a fatal mistake, because Winslow gave him a teddy bear that exploded and killed Walter! Soon Winslow tried to punish adult he thinks deserve it with toy-weapons and wearing a jester get-up. He is usually stopped by Superman or Batman. However he never lost his love for children. So he one of Superman's most unpredictable foe.
Jack Nimball
He took up the mantle of Toyman when Winslow retired. But he just used the same stuff as Winslow and even wore an exact copy of Schott's costume. He was killed by Schott, when he went out of retirement.
Hiro Okamura
He is a teenage hero that uses toy-weapons like Winslow and Jack from Japan, however he does anime and magna toys instead.