Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This guy is one of most deadest threats to human kind! Quisp is a fifth dimensional being that can warp reality by thinking! He left the 5th dimension to explore the 3rd and became the "Bat-Mite" of Aqua Man and Aqua Lad. One day Quisp discover his hero became darker and more serious. This inspired him to become a deadly threat. Calling himself Qwsp, he manipulated another 5th dimensional being, Lkz, to attack the 3rd dimension. It took the Justice League of America, the Justice Society of America and Captain Marvel to stop Qwsp's mad plan! During the battle, Lkz merged with one of Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt (a 5th dimensional being called Yz) in a new being: Ylzkz. A teenager named Jakeem William took control over Ylzkz and later joined the Justice Society. But the Spectre overpowered them and banished them to the 5th dimension. Qwsp took over Jakeem's body and gained control over Thunderbolt. So he started a war in the 5th dimension. Although forced to obey both Qwsp and Jakeem, Mr. Terrific (who was helping out with Star Girl and Hour Man) convinced Thunderbolt to defy Jakeem, since he disobeyed Jakeem, by just throwing lightning, when order to kill them, even tought he could just kill them with one thought. He also conviced him just because something was always been that way in the past, it doesn't mean that it'll be the same in the future. So Thunderbolt drove Qwsp out of Jakeem and fell in the hands of Saradin.


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