Thursday, September 17, 2009

Captain Marvel (DC Comics)

The Big Red Cheese himself (up here)

It's bird! It's plane! It's some guy in red tights! Billy Batson was eleven-year-old orphan on the streets. One while in the subway, a stranger lead him a wizard called Shazam. Shazam gave the boy the power to when every he says "SHAZAM!", a magic lighting bolt turns him into the super-powerful , adult Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel has:

  • Solomon's wisdom

  • Hercules' strength

  • Atlas' stamina (and endurance)

  • Zues' power (makes him magic-resistant, mentally and psychically enhanced; and allows him to create magic lightning)

  • Achilles' courage (makes him telepathic-attack-resistant)

  • Mercury's speed (and flight)

Later, he told his long-lost sister about his power and she gained them too. So their was a whole "Marvel family". Captain Marvel has three notable foes:

  • Mr. Mind- He is a super smart, telepathic worm from Venus that wants to conquer the Earth. He formed the Monster Society of Evil.

  • Doctor Sivana- He is a mad sciencist similar to Lex Luthor.

  • Black Adam- He has the power to become super powerful, when he says the word "SHAZAM!" too. But he gains the powers if Eyptain gods.


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