Friday, September 4, 2009

Toyman 1-3

Toyman is one of DC comic's more unique villains.
Winslow Schott
Is he a children-loving toy-maker or a bloody killer? He is both! Winslow Schott was one of (if not the) best toy-makers, his goal was to make the best toy ever! One day a man from LexCorp named Walter Dunhill ofter him to mass produce his toys and made millions of kids happy. He first turned it down, because his wife was not to happy about the idea. But he agreed after his wife died. However Walter lied! He scammed Winslow out of his toy designs and his store! Walter refused to give back Winslow his store back, because he now owned it. That was a fatal mistake, because Winslow gave him a teddy bear that exploded and killed Walter! Soon Winslow tried to punish adult he thinks deserve it with toy-weapons and wearing a jester get-up. He is usually stopped by Superman or Batman. However he never lost his love for children. So he one of Superman's most unpredictable foe.
Jack Nimball
He took up the mantle of Toyman when Winslow retired. But he just used the same stuff as Winslow and even wore an exact copy of Schott's costume. He was killed by Schott, when he went out of retirement.
Hiro Okamura
He is a teenage hero that uses toy-weapons like Winslow and Jack from Japan, however he does anime and magna toys instead.

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