Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Long-time X-Men member Sean Cassidy began to reevaluate his life after his girlfriend left him and the school he worked at shut down. He decided to create a mutant police force in Europe. Sean forced Martinique Jason to mind control several X-Men villains (Fever Pitch, Blob and Avalanche). Non-mind controlled members (Radius, M, Jubilee, Husk, Multiple Man and Sunpyre) joined. They set up shop in Paris. They originally wore Nazi-like uniforms, but this was later removed. Mystique (pretending to be potential member named Surge) freed Martinique Jason thus freeing the villains. The villains (enraged by this) went on a rampage through Paris until the X-Men and heroic members of X-Corps stopped them. This lead to the team's disbanding. Several of the heroic members joined Professor Xavier's X-Corporation, which is otherwise unrelated.
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