Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mr. A

Mr. A is a superhero created by Spider-Man creator Steve Ditko. Mr. A is an objectivist superhero. His name is reference to the phrase "A is A". Many people think he was an indirect influence for Rorschach from Alan Moore's Watchmen.
Rex Graine is a newspaper reporter (for a newspaper Daily Crusader). As Mr.A, he wears metal gloves and mask; a fedora hat and a detective suit. No origin is given, which begs the question why he dresses up like Mr. A if he acts the same way regardless of if he is Mr. A or Rex. He has a half-black and half-white calling card.
Mr. A believes in pure good and evil without any moral grey. He believes in objectivism. He is willing to kill people if an innocent life is at stake and does so mercilessly. He only feels for "the innocent and victimized". He constantly rants on and on about his philosophy even when it means grinding the story to halt (much to the readers' annoyance).
A typical story has someone doing a small crime. Then, they do more crimes. The crimes escalate to the point that the person tries to cover their crimes or run away. The person tries to justify what they are doing without actually blaming themselves. Then, the story ends with Mr. A confronting them and telling them about how they are guilty. Other times, the "story" is just Mr. A denouncing people for having "compromised their values" and debunking their arguments.
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