Friday, June 14, 2013

Mr. Butts

It has been a while since I mentioned a comic strip. However in those posts, I talked about the series as a whole. So, I'll talk about a comic strip character: Mr. Butts from Doonesbury.
Mr. Butts is a personification of tobacco companies. Physically, he is an eight-foot-tall, anthropomorphic cigarette that has a goofy smile. He also wears gloves to add to his cartoon-like appearance and demeanor.
Mr. Butts has an extremely naive personality to the point he has no idea that cigarettes cause cancer. He advertises cigarettes because he thinks it will make kids look cool. He treats his public appearances and ads as if they were PSAs.
He has several friends. All of them are personifications like he is. They include Dum Dum (personification of the NRA), Mr. Suds (liquor industry) and the marijuana joint Mr. Jay (who is also the misfit of the group due to being the only illegal and non-lethal member).Gary Trudeau (the cartoonist of Doonesbury) uses Mr. Butts and these characters to  express his viewpoints.
Mike Doonesbury was asked to make an ad to convince teenagers to smoke. This led to him having a moral crisis. During a hallucination and several dreams, "Buttsy" appeared and led him to believe his morality was "rebelling". Because the comic strip often blends fantasy and reality, Mr. Butts later appeared as a "real" character.

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