Thursday, October 31, 2013


Since it's Halloween, I decided to talk about a comic book horror character.
Simon William Garth was the Garth Manor coffee company CEO living in New Orleans. His ex-gardener captured him so he could be killed by a voodoo cult as part of as a human sacrifice. Because the priest loves Simon, she brought him back, but as a zombie. Zombie (as Garth was dubbed) was controlled by whoever had the Amulet of Bamballan. Layla, the priestess, attempted to find a way to give him internal peace. Despite being a zombie, Simon still had remains of his souls. This allowed him to temporarily regain control when told to kill one of his loved ones and be turned to human for 24 hours in order to attend a wedding. The witch Calypso discovered that Zombie's selflessness gave him more free will than a "normal" zombie.
Zombie reappeared in Marvel Zombies 4. A.R.M.O.R. was testing on Simon Garth when a zombie plague (unrelated to Garth) affected the base. He escaped with the help of Deadpool. Black Talon and Jennifer Kale used Zombie to confine the virus.
Garth has super strength. While he lacks invulerability, he can magically heal from injuries. He is nearly mindless and under the control of weilder of the Amulet of Bamballah. However, he (occasionally) commit acts of free will.

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