Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Leopard from Lime Street

Here's Britain's answer to Spider-Man.
Billy Farmer was thirteen year old aspiring photographer living his sickly Aunt Joan and abusive Uncle Charlie. While taking some picture at zoo for Selbridge Secondary School, he was scratched by a leopard injected with radioactive serum. While Billy was unharmed, he gained superpowers. He decided to try to use his abilities to take a photo of the burglar Cat-Man (no relation to the Batman villain, Fairy Oddparents hero or any other character with that name). Bill decided to wear a leopard costume inspired by pantomime. He took the identity Leopardman and captured Cat-Man. Billy sold the photos to Selbridge Sun newspaper editor Thaddeus Clegg, who was suspicious about "the Beast of Selbridge" (Leopardman) and became a thorn in Billy's side. Billy continued his adventures as Leopardman / Leopardboy / the Leopard from Lime Street / the Beast of Selbridge. His main motivation was to make money by photographing himself as his alter ego. Leopardman became among the comic Buster's longest running strip. Billy later gained new powers due to his body still mutating and a more aggressive attitude. In Zenith "Phase III", Leopardman was among the heroes fighting the Lliogor. Billy traveled to Earth 666, where Mr. Why killed him. Despite this, this isn't an "official" end to The Leopard on Lime Street saga.
Powers and Equipment
Billy has super strength, agility and speed. As mentioned before, his body continued to mutate thus gaining new powers. Among these were night vision (which caused his eyes to turn green), a danger-detecting "leopard-sense" and superhuman reflexes. The mutation seemed to affect his brain since he became more aggressive and prefer near-raw meat.
In addition to his powers, he has several gadgets. He has a grappling hook with a nylon rope. He had a dye and paint-shooting "Leopard-Gun". He also carries a camera.

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