Saturday, October 19, 2013

Vault of Obscurity 3

Like our last outing with the Vault of Obscurity, this outing will have a theme. In this case, the theme is characters created to die. There are various reasons for these characters such as shock value, plot points (for example, the plot may revolve the investigation of his / her murder) or other reasons.
Battering Ram
Ram (right) with Zeitgeist (left) 
Battering Ram was a member of the X-Force incarnation that would turn into X-Statix. He helped the team fight Qat (a deranged sect of North African tribesmen). Battering Ram attempted to talk to the leader Zeitgeist, whom he nicknamed "Number One", about his team role. However, he was always either interupted or ignored. During an attempt to save the Boys R Us band, Zeitgeist and his cohort the Coach had Ram killed by "terrorists". Before his death, Battering Ram had super durability and strength.
Retro sitting back
"Retro" (his real name hasn't been revealed) was a superhero fanboy. He was idealistic and always asked himself what would he do if he was Superman. He even made a fake origin story where he gained powers from being hit by a ray from the past. He won a contest to join the JLA for a single day. He used the catchphrase "Here comes justice!". The villain Prometheus (who hated forces of justice) got Retro to tell his made-up origin and killed him while he was distracted. Retro was based on a character created by a comic fan for a Wizard magazine contest that DC sponsored.
Black Jack
What does this guy have do
with the card game Twenty-One?
Bolton (a.k.a. Black Jack) was a government agent. He worked for a group called "Black Razor". He was given superpowers to complete missions normal agent couldn't. Despite this, Voodoo (his target) was able to cut off his head and kill him. He could fire black-colored bolts of energy. He also appeared to have super strength and durability.
X-Force issue 116

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