Thursday, March 7, 2013


Nineties antiheroes were extremely popular. However, there was backlash against them for their overly exaggerated art and poor writing. As such, parodies were going to appear sooner or later. Bloodface is a New Zealand comic that parodies nineties antiheroes. Bloodgroup is a team that appears in it.
Bloodface (Top Right)
Bloodface is the main character. He is the leader of the superhero team Bloodgroup. They works out of a satellite, above the Earth, called the Haemoglobe. He is wordy and introspective towards his fellow members.
Bloodcolt (Top Left)
He is a psychopathic member. His response to almost everything is threatening people with guns while screaming "I will shoot him to death!". Bloodface often has to restrain him while often telling him "No, Bloodcolt! Remember you are a Defender of Justice." Bloodcolt has multiple large, multi-barreled guns. 
Wandering Menstrual (Right)
She is the only female member. She is in love with Bloodface, who doesn't know about her feelings toward him. Her secret identity is Bloodface's personal assistant. However, he cannot recoginize WM as his assistant since she wears glasses when in her secret identity. 
Strangeblood (Left)
He is the newest member. They found him on the moon in a deserted house. He is as "mysterious as a Yeti" according to Bloodface. He often speaks in confusing non-sequiters. 
Rhesus the Bloodhound (Bottom Right)
He is a robotic dog. Bloodface ordered him off the internet.

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