Monday, March 4, 2013


Larfleeze / Agent Orange is the sole member of the Orange Lantern Corp.
Larfleeze is a member of a race of aliens that live over billions of year. He was a slave and was treated in harsh and sadastic manners by his slave owners.  He escaped and joined a guild of theives. They stole a mysterious box from the planet Maltus. After being chased by Manhunters (robots that worked for the Guardians of the Universe before they got Green Lanterns), they find the Orange Power Battery and (due to its influence) killed  each other (save for Lafleeze and Turpa). Since the box contained the fear entity Parallax and the Orange Lantern Power Battery killing anyone aside from Lafleeze and Turpa, the Guardians allowed the two theives to keep the Orange Power Battery and use it without interference if it was in the Vega System (the system it is already in) in exchange for the box. The two agreed to this. Larfleeze killed Turpa. The Controllers tried to captured the Orange Latern Battery, but were slaughtered by Larfleeze.
Green Lantern Stel entered the Vega System (a violation of the agreement the Guardians made) while chasing some villains. Larfleeze declared (via a construct) the agreement null and void only for Guardian Scar to cut him off. Later, the Green Lantern attacked Agent Orange, but failed. However after the intervention of the Blue Lanterns, the Guardians make some sort of negotiation (we don't see it) with him.
In Blackest Night, Agent Orange helped fight off the zombie Black Lanterns. Lex Luthor got an Orange Lantern Ring, but lost it. Enraged by Lex Luthor, Larfleeze turned him over to the authority and Guardian Sayd became Agent Orange's "personal Guardian" due to a previous agreement.
In Brighest Night, Larfleeze terrorized an upper midwestern American town. Hal Jordon, after trying to trick Larfleeze, simply asked how Agent Orange how he trapped the Orange Lantern entity, Ophidian, in his Power Battery. However, Hector Hammond accidentally shallowed the Orange Power Battery causing the Orange Lantern entity to take control over him. Larfleeze revealed Ophidian hates him. Ophidian tried to eat Agent Orange, but failed. Larfleeze chased Hector to Vegas, where he discovered his long-lost parents are alive and miss them (although he has no idea where they are).
Later, Krona attacked the Green Lantern Corp. Here Larfleeze doesn't want to become Agent Orange again. But, his personaility goes back to normal when the ring is actually on his finger. In the New 52, Kyle Rayner found an Orange Lantern Ring. However, it turns out be a trap set up by Larfleeze to distract him as he attacked the Guardians. He got defeated by the New Guardians.
The Orange Lantern Ring is powered by greed. The ring has the standard Lantern Ring powers: flight, creating constructs and aura projection. Unlike those rings, if Larfleeze kills someone with his ring, it creates a construct of that person with powers as if they had a ring like Larfleeze's. Green Lantern constructs are absorbed by the Orange Lantern constructs. However, the orange constructs cannot affect violet and blue light constructs. He has to charge his ring like the other Lantern corps., but his oath to do so is unknown.

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