Sunday, November 3, 2013

Critic Corner: Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow

I recently watched Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow. I decided to do a review on it.
What's the plot? The Avengers are killed by Ultron (Tom Kane), who is attempting to take over the world. Tony Stark (Tom Kane) take their children and hide in secret base. Among these children are Captain America and Black Widow's son James Rogers (Noah C. Crawford ), Giant-Man and Wasp's son Henry Pym Jr. (Aidan Drummond), Black Panther's son Azari T'Challa (Dempsey M. Pappion) and Thor's daughter Torunn (Brenna O'Brien). James accidentally activates several of Tony's Iron Avengers robot thus alerting Ultron of their existence. As such, Ultron attempts to kill them.
What does it do good? The concept is creative. The fight scenes are done well. The designs are decent.
What's wrong with it?  There is no consistency how superhero genetics work: James (the son of  a superhuman and normal human) has no powers, Azari (whose mother (according to Wikipedia) is supposed to Storm, but this isn't mentioned in the movie, and a non-powered human) has energy powers different from his mom and Torunn has the exact powers as her father. The second generation heroes are idiots. While I know they are teenage and kids, they are constantly doing stupid thus making the people criticizing them look right. The entire plot is caused and sustained by their stupidity. In fact, the real hero isn't the kids, but a character introduced in the third act of the film. Tony isn't much better since saying "online" turns on all the Iron Avengers. Herny Pym Jr. has an annoying voice. Torunn's character arch fells abrupt and unnatural. Despite Tony claiming he has conquered Europe, Ultron almost is never seen with henchmen except some he gets towards the end of the first act (after he conquered Europe). Blatant CGI is used at one point in the movie.
This wasn't that great of a movie. However, it's not agonizing. This gets a 2 out of 5.

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