Friday, July 3, 2009

Justice League Antarctica

The idiotic Injustice League had the following members:
1. Big Sir- Dufus P. Ratchett had a malformed brain gland allowing him to grow super big, but left him mentally ill and dumb. However, he is a card counter. He was given suit that could allow him to fly and had a powerful energy mace, but vulerable to telepathic sugestions.
2. Cluemaster- He is some guy with Batman-like weapons. His origins are unrevealed.
3.The Clock King- William Tockman's had an ill sister. His doctor told him, he was too! So he tried to rob a bank, in hopes to help his sister's future, but was stopped by Green Arrow. His sister died and in an ironic twist, it turned out William wasn't dying! So he became the Clock King to get his revenge on the Green Arrow!
4. Major Disaster- Paul Booker was a cheap crook, who discover the secret identities of Flash and Green Lantern. He hired criminal scientist to build him weapons allowing him to create "natural" disaster, which they did! The Green Lantern erased Major Disaster memory of who he and the Flash were. Over expose to these weapons gave him the powers to make disasters, without the machines.
5. Mighty Bruce- He was a crook that Major Disaster befriended in prison. He has no known powers.

6. Multi-Man- Duncan Pramble ate something called "Liquid Light". This gave him the power to return from the dead with a new set of power. This caused him to have Bipolar Disorder.
They decide to become a superhero team and invited G'nort (he has a power ring) and Scarlet Skier (see his blog). Thanks to Justice League International's backer Maxwell Lord, they ended up in Antarctia. They sent most of their time battling penguin / piranha hybrids. They only won by causing a earthquake that destroyed their base! They only survived because G'nort's power ring.

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