Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lantern Corps. Part 2

(If you haven't read Lantern Corps. part 1 d0 so before reading this.)

  • The Red Lantern Corp.- The Manhunters robots (the early space police) had a "program glitch" causing them to kill all but 5 beings in Space Sector 666, before they were stopped. These survivors formed the Red Lantern corp. to get revenge! The Corp. emotion is anger. Their rings can create solid light like all the lantern rings, but they can also fire rage energy (to corrupt their enemies). This power is manifested as rage-energized blood. Their weaknesses are due to them almost always being mad, they can't think straight and blue lantern lights can extinguish the Corp.'s flame. Note: If you join this Corp. they remove your blood and replace it with plasma!

  • The Agent Orange- A long time ago (a millennia), a group of thieves discover an Orange Lantern flame (Lantern flames fuel the rings) of greed, in the Vega system. They fought over it, until the Manhunters found them all, but because they had a mysterious box, with the fear entity Parallax in it, the Guardians of the Universe offered that the two of the thieves Larfleeze and Blooch, if they didn't take the flame out of the Vega system, the Guardian wouldn't interfere with it and only they could have any access to it, they could trade the box for the flame. Soon after they did the other thieves tried to steal the flame, but Larfleeze killed them all! Of course, being a thief he broke this deal and used the flame for evil reasons. Like all the other Lanterns, Larfleeze can create solid, but he creates a Orange Lantern avatars of who ever he killed, literally "stealing their identities". The only weaknesses of the Orange Flame are it can't drain the power of a Blue Lantern ring and it has an addictive side effect. Note: Larfleeze is the only real Orange Lantern.

  • The Sinestro (yellow) Corp.- Power corrupts. Just ask Hal Jordon: his mentor Sinestro was of the greatest Green Lantern every, but he soon thought he was above the law. As punishment, he was sent to the Antimatter Universe. But he discovered yellow lantern lights of fear where being mined on a planet called Qward. After escaping the Antimatter, he created a twisted version of Green Lantern Corp. full of the most sadistic, psychopathic and horrific beings alive! Like the Green one, the Sinestro ring can create solid objects in form of what the user imagines (unlike the Green one, it can be very demented!), however the emotion for this Corp. is fear. The weakness for a Sinestro ring is that their powers can be greatly disrupted by the presence of Blue Lanterns.


Blackest Night issue 0

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