Tuesday, July 21, 2009


He is an evil monstrosity from another dimension, that wants to take over the world. So he became the arch-enemy of the Mighty Agrippa, the Roman god of the Aqueduct (a Thor parody). He joined the Phalanx of Doom with the Red Scare (a rental Russian villain and one of the Ticks original enemies), Roach (a lady with a tough personality and roach abilities), Fuzzy Person (a humanoid beast covered in fur who can inflate itself), The Underwaterer (a Sub-Mariner parody), Toy de Force (toy-themed mad scientist), Praying Mantis (chubby martial artist girl, who is said to eats men), Lumber Jane (Chainsaw Vigilante's female counterpart) and Candyman (a Mysterio parody). But he was kicked out, for eating Toy de Force! The Tick and his unnamed superhero team got in Tharkkorzog's dimension to learn: there he's tiny. Thrakkorzog makes an army of gelatinous Tick clone, that the heroes defeat by stepping on them. In December 2002, he is seen in The Tick Big Xmas Trilogy in the Tick's pageant as Ebenezer Scrooge.

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