Monday, March 1, 2010

Mickey Money

Mickey Money is world's richest rodent. normalman met this "funny animal" mouse in an alternate reality ruled by anthropomorphic animals. Mickey claims he got his money from selling oil and "saving every penny" he had (although it's been implied might have he stole some it). Because of his great money, a Robin Hood-type team called the Web tries to rob him. When he met normalman, he decided to destroy a beautiful mountain to get a diamond. However, his bunny butler turned out to be a member of the Web. While posing, he nearly crashed the plane they were in. In argument, the bunny claimed that the Web were trying to help the starving people and Mickey would pay the slave wages, if they decided to work for him. Mickey and the rabbit sicked their goons on each other. normalman went back to his reality, before it was seen who won. However when Lavrem was destroyed by the Dark Fluffy, in a single panel, you can see Mickey mopping a floor (implying the Web won).

The Complete normalman

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