Sunday, March 22, 2009

X-Men part 2: The More, The Merrier

All of the X-Men, except Cyclops, were held captive by Krakoa, the living island. So Xavier gathered new mutants to save them, they were Colossus a.k.a Piotr Nikolaievitch (able to turn his body into a metal organic substance), Storm a.k.a Orro Munroe (able to control the weather), the Night Crawler (able to teleport, blend in with shadows and looks like a demon), Wolverine a.k.a James Howlett a.k.a Logan (ages super slowly, heals super fast, can draw claws out of his forearms and has acute senses), the super strong and durable Tunderbird a.k.a John Proudstar and former criminals Sunfire and Banshee a.k.a Sean Cassidy (able to fire powerful sonic waves from his mouth). After the original X-Men were safe, all of them (but Cyclops) quit the X-Men, only to rejoin later. Thunderbird died on his 2nd mission and Sunfire quit because he is a loner.
X-Men Ultimate Guide

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