Saturday, June 6, 2009

Red Tornado

A tornado entity was both good and evil (mostly good) tried to create a perfect replica of Earth. Although it did a good job, the one thing missing was the Justice League! So it split itself to become the planet's JLA. It called itself the "Tornado Champion". However he discovered he also created an evil entity called "The Tornado Tyrant". But the good entity defeated the bad entity by senting it to Earth were the real JLA defeated. The good entity had little satisfaction being an only a imitation. He met Thomas Oscar Morrow (a.k.a T.O. Morrow), who was building a android to infiltrate and destroy Justice Society of America. So the entity merge with the robot, with one side effect: Tornado Champion lost it's memory. Thinking he was the first Red Tornado (JSA member named Ma Hunkel) and tried to join the JSA, the member didn't recognizing the android and was suspected he was part of some evil plan, however he eventually joined.

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