Thursday, October 1, 2009

Radiation Roy

How Radiation Roy's try out for the Legion went
He has been a wannabe-hero, a villain, a hero and blood-thirsty alien hunter! Roy Travich developed the power to emit radiation, so be could join his heroes: the Legion of Super-Heroes. But he has little control over this power and was rejected. It didn't help that after Saturn Girl read his inner desires, she couldn't sleep for 2 nights. Angry and bitter, he joined the Legion of Super-Villains. He had relationship with Spider Girl, but this ended. The radiation took it toll on Roy, so he got a red containment suit to protect him. He later formed the "Justice" League Earth with other Earth-born Legion rejects Storm Boy (can control weather via a remote), Golden Boy (has the power of Midas), Earth Man (first known as Absorbency Boy) (can absorb super powers), Tusker (can grow unbreakable tusks) and Eye-ful Ethel (has eyes all round his head). They acted like priests and said Superman's Krypton origins were lies and the Legion were going to invade the Earth. They were worshiped as heroes by kids. They were actually mercilessly hunted every alien they could find (including the Legion of Super-Heroes). The Legion of Super-Heroes, Superman and the Legion of Substitute-Heroes exposed them and the league was sent to jail on the planet Tarkon-Galtos. But they were freed by Superboy Prime and they joined his Legion of Super-Villains (which had almost every foe the Legion of Super-Hero faced). While attacking the United Planet (yes, like the United Nations, but with planets), Radiation Roy killed Myg (the second Karate Kid), before Lighting Lad electrocuted him.
Showcase Present: the Legion of Super-Heroes

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