Friday, January 22, 2010


David Haller was the son of Charles Xavier (Prof. X) and Gabrielle Haller! For some reason, Gabrielle didn't tell Prof. X about David. David's powers manifested during a terrorist attack and absorbed Jemail Karami's (one of the terrorist) personality, giving David multiple personality disorder. During a series of unknown events, he absorbed two more personalities. Each of these personalities got a chunk of David's power. He later tried to kill Xavier (the Shadow King manipulated him into doing so). After several fights, the New Mutants cured David's (now calling himself Legion) Psyche. He decided to try to help his father by going back in time (using his own powers) and kill Magneto, before he became evil! However, that time version's Xavier got himself killed to save his friend. This lead up to the Age of the Apocalypse storyline. Bishop (a member of the X-Men) went back in time and stopped him. But in the process, he seemly killed Legion. However, it was revealed he survived. Now back in the main time stream, he had countless personalities. But, Rouge and Danger cure him.
Powers and Abilities
He has the ability to absorb the personalities of people that dying near him (he originally had no control over this). Before he was cured, each of his personalities had a chuck of his powers:

  • Jemail Karami- The personality of a terrorist. He had David's telepathy.
  • Jack Wayne- "Swaggering adventurer". He had David's telekinesis.
  • Cyndi- A rebellious girl. She had David's pryokinesis.

When he was cured for the first time, he could control all of these abilities and time travel. In the current New Mutant run, Legion power's changed so each of his personalities had their own powers, even if they were psychical powers such as a prehensile tongue. Other powers included X-ray vision, matter animation, sonic screams and super strength. Cannonball explained this was part of his new mutation.


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