Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Irregular Webcomic!

This is my first post on a web comic!
Irregular Webcomic! features usually4-paneled strips (but the panel number can vary) that are photographically illustrated. These strips usually use Lego figures, but a few arches have featured other mini figures.
Themes (Story Arches)
  • Cliffhanger- Dr. Montana "Monty" Jones (usually aided by his dad or grandpa) hunts for treasures and battles Nazis (usually Monty's arch-enemy Colonel Haken), led by Hilter's brain in a jar.
  • Death- Death (according to polls taken) is the most popular theme. For every method of dying there is a grim reaper or death (hence the title), for example if someone dies from a car crash the death of that department will collect his or her soul. The Head Death promotes and demotes the deaths. Although some strips will focus on other deaths, the one mainly focused on is the Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs, who is getting promoted and demoted a lot (but always ends up where he started). His arch-enemy is the Death of Chocking on a Giant Frog (the deaths can get very specific). The deaths "guest star" in various other theme's strips.
  • Espionage- A scene-by-scene parody of the James Bond films Dr. No and From Russia With Love starring James Stud (Agent 0x0A).
  • Fantasy- Pokes fun at Dungeons and Dragons. Characters include David Morgan-Mar (the strips creator) as the game master and non-lego minifigures: Lambert (a hobbit), Alvissa ("an elf maiden bard"), Mordekai (a lovable rouge), Kyros (a fire-power wizard that keeps the Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs busy), Draak (Lambert's lizard man bodyguard) and Dwalin (a dwarf).
  • Harry Potter- Makes fun of the Harry Potter characters and book series.
  • Martians- 3 aliens from Mars try to take over the Earth. They encounter Mars Rovers, a Man in Black (who thinks they're not real) and some student named Ishmael. The trio have quit their plan to avoid actually having to run the planet.
  • Me- Gags involving the strip's creator, Morgan Mar.
  • MythBuster- Based on the show of the same name, however the two main characters often die in their experiments.
  • Nigerian Finance Minister- The Nigerian Finance Minister writing Advance-Fee Fraud e-mails. Oddly, the Minister in the strip is a male, while it was a female at the time period it was launched.
  • Pirates- Take a guess
  • Scientific Revolution- About the event of the same name. It mainly focuses on Issac Newton.
  • Shakespeare- Shows what Shakespeare would have been like if he was born in modern times.
  • Space- A sci-fi theme that usually uses non-lego figures, unless they are in the CG environment.
  • Star Wars- Points out the numerous flaws and problems with the Star Wars series.
  • Steve and Terry- Steve is a likely parody of the Crocodile Hunter,that wrestles animals (and sometimes kills them by mistake). Terry is his wife that wants him to stop risking his life. Cthulhu has appeared as an enemy of Steve.
  • Supers- The silly adventures of League of Good Guys against the Axis of Antagonists.

There have been various miscellaneous strips and bizarre crossovers. For example, Steve getting fired from Hogwarts from his job as "Professor of Care of Magical Creatures".

Recent developments
  • Infinity on 30 Credits a Day, a web comic the features fan-submitted comics that Morgan help organize, has become "a sister webcomic" to Irregular Webcomic!
  • Friends of David Morgan Mar revealed his "name" stands for the name of the strip's collaborators: David, Andrew, Vladimir, Ingrid, David, Moon-unit, Oliver, Rodney, Geoff, Apple, Norbert, Michael, Andrew, and Richard.
  • The webcomic has reached 2000 strips, which only about 17 other webcomics have been able to do.

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