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Despite being one of Marvel Comics' most popular characters, Nightcrawler was originally intended for DC comics! First, Dave Cockrum (his creator) intended him to be the vicious sidekick of the Intruder. In this version, he was a real demon. But, that idea didn't work out too well. So, he created a nicer-version of Nightcrawler, who was an alien named Balshazaar for a Legion of Super Hero-spin off. But, his editor rejected the character saying he was "too funny looking". When he went Marvel Comics, they approved the idea and Nightcrawler appeared in the Giant-Size X-Men # 1.
Fictional History
Early Years
Nightcrawler was the son of Mystique (a blue-skin shape-shifter) and later revealed Azazel (mutant with demon-like appearance). Mystique threw her son into a river to save herself from a mob (that learned they were mutants). Nightcrawler was found and raise by circus people (that named him "Kurt"). He became a trapzee artist. However, one day he accidentally broke the neck of the insane Stefan. The villagers near by mistook him for a demon and tried to kill him . Xavier saved him at the last minute.
Nightcrawler along with Storm, Cyclops, Banshee, Sunfire, Thunderbird and Colossus saved the original members of the X-Men (except Cyclops, who escaped) from a sentient, telepathic island. After being saved, the original members of the X-Men (expect Cyclops) quit the team. On Kurt's 21st birthday, Jimaine Szardos sent Kurt's soul to a simulacrum of hell. It turned out Jimaine had been masquerading as Kurt's girlfriend, Amanda Sefton. He confronted Margali Szardos, his foster mother, who held him responsible for Stefan's death. But, Kurt convinced her otherwise. He met Mystique (who he had no memory of) and was shocked by their similarities in appearance. Mystique told Kurt to ask his foster mother, Margali, about it, leaving him confused. Kurt became leader of the X-Men when Storm lost her powers. But when Cyclops and Storm (both were former leaders of the X-Men) return, he stepped down and let them decide who was in charge. Nightcrawler was injured by Nimrod and was put in a coma by the Marauders. He was sent to Muir Island to recover. When he woke, Shadowcat told them about the apparent deaths of the X-Men.
Enter: Excalibur
Nightcrawler and Shadowcat help founded the British superhero team Excalibur. Kurt finally learned that Mystique was his mother. Kurt became the leader of Excalibur and he moved Excalibur to Muir Island. He met up with Amanda Sefton, now calling herself Day Tripper. Colossus joined the team. After the team disbanded, Kurt and Shadowcat returned to America and rejoined the X-Men.
Kurt had some absences from the team, one to morn for Colossus and one to become a priest (which he gave up on). Azazel claimed he was Kurt's father and tried to use him to free himself from another dimension he was trapped in. Kurt joined Storm's X-Men squad and, when not on missions, he taught Drama to the reopened Xavier Institute's students. He left the team, because he felt unneeded (Pixie was better at teleporting than him). He went to a his home town, because they invited him to come back (supposedly to see a Nightcrawler museum), but they actually needed him to stop the monstrous Vielfras. He discovered Vielfras was actually a 16-year old that a gypsy turned into a monster. Nightcrawler sympathized Vielfras and tried to stop the townspeople from harming him, but got injured. Vielfras killed all the attackers. Nightcrawler went back to America. He was seemly killed by Bastion. However, Xavier once seemly died, but it was proven to be a hoax, so Kurt may still be alive.

  • Teleportion- Kurt's main ability. He unknowingly travels through the "Brimstone Dimension" when using this ability. He has to see where he is going when teleporting for safety reasons. He can now teleport 3 miles.
  • Wall Climbing
    Flexible Bone Structure- This allows him to be very flexible.
  • Camouflage- Kurt can blend into shadows, because of his indigo fur and light-bending attributes from the dimension he teleports to.
  • Prehensile Tail
  • Infrared Vision- His glowing eyes gives him a degree of night vision.
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Reflexes

X-Men: Ultimate Guide

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