Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Superlopez is Spanish comic parody of Superman.
He was born Jo-Con-El (which means D*mn-The-Brat) on the planet of Chiton (which means Shut It). He accidentally activated a spaceship sending him to Earth, where he landed was adopted by Barcelonan parents. He took the secret identity of Jaun Lopez and got a job with a bad-temper Lois Lane parody Luisa Lanas, his not-so-pal Jaime Gonzalez Lidenbrcok (parody of Jimmy Olsen); and his demanding boss, who is an unnamed parody of Perry White.
Like any hero, Superlopez has enemies. These include Escariano Avieso (a evil professor), Lady Arana (which means Lady Spider), a parody of Al Capone called Al Trapone and Refuller D'Abastos (a mob boss).
Superlopez has allies too. His main allies are the member of El Supergrupo (which means The Supergroup). The members include a Doctor Strange parody El Mago (which means Wizard); a Captain America parody Capitan Hispania (which means Captain Spain); an Iron Man spoof Latas (which means Tin-Guy); a parody of the Fantastic Four's The Thing called Bruto (which means The Brute) and La Chica Increible (Incredible Girl), who is a generic parody of token female superheroes.

My main source was Wikipedia.

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