Sunday, November 20, 2011

Anti-Matter Man

Little is known about the Anti-Matter Man. What is known about him is he was a ten-foot cosmic being from the anti-matter Qward. He discovered the positive matter alternate realities of Earth 1 and 2. He wanted to come to explore the Earths. However, due to his antimatter nature and lack of empathy for positive matter beings, he was a danger to both of the realities. The Justice Society of America and the Justice League teamed up to exiled him back to the antimatter universe. However, he may come back any day.
Anti-Matter Man had "strange and unpredictable" powers. If he touches positive matter, he will explode. He is immune to magic that doesn't originated from his universe. He has matter manipulation (both organic or not) and can effect superhuman's power. He is vunerable to pyshical attacks.

My sources were Wikipedia and DC Database.

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