Sunday, May 13, 2012

Transformers Generation 2

Some of you may know about Marvel's Transformers comics. You may not know about its sequel: Transformers Generation 2 (a comic based off the toyline of the same name).
After the first Transformers comic series, Decepticons (the villains) were defeated and exiled. Optimus Prime (the leader of the heroes) and the Autobots encountered Jhiaxus (the yellow-red guy pictured), a mysterious Transformer, and his army. Jhiaxus revealrf, in the years the Transformers were comatose when they first crash landing on Earth prior to awaking, both factions (save for the Autobots and Decepticons on Earth) ended the war and unified. However, Optimus' Autobots opposed Jhiaxus because he was attacking defenseless planets. 

On Earth, Cobra, enemies of the G.I. Joes, rebuilt Megatron for no reason. Megatron took over the Ark (the space ship the Autobots landed on Earth with) to draw out Optimus and steal the Matrix of Leadership. The G.I. Joes and Fortess Maximus destroyed the Ark. Simply delayed, Megatron decided beat up Bludgeon, the current leader of the remaining Decepticons, to regain leadership.
After eerie visions and encountering Jhiaxus, Prime, with aid of the Cybertronian elders, discovered that the Transformers once could reproduce but lost this ability when Cybertron (the Transformers' planet) had enough of a population. However, the elder reactivated this power when the Autobots went missing. The elders screwed this up so the new Transformers (such as Jhiaxus and his army) were flawed. Prime tried to convinced Megatron this is a serious threat. Megatron turned on Prime and stole the Matrix, despite beliving them, and later attacked Jhiaxus... only for Jhiaxus to take the Matrix. Decepticon Starscream defected to Jhiaxus' side in the hope of stealing the Matrix.
The Swarm, a "black energy" mass byproduct of the reactive reproduction, started to eat anything metal and went towards Earth. The Autobots and Decepticons battled Jhiaxus and his army. Starscream did manage to steal the Matrix only for it temporary mind wiped him into being good long enough for it him to give it to Optimus. Jhiaxus went crazy and nearly killed Optimus only to be killed himself by the Swarm. Optimus, figuring out what his visions meant, used the Matrix to give the Swarm a conscience. The Swarm disappear and the Autobots-Decepticons tensions temporary came to a halt. Apparently the outcome of this will be determined by a G2 Drone (the foot soldiers for Jhiaxus) and the mysterious Liege Maximo's conversation. THEN, the series just stops without explaining who Liege Maximo is.
My source was the Wikipedia Page "Transformers Generation 2" and the Atop the Fourth Wall Video "Transformers Generation 2 # 1".

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