Friday, July 24, 2015

Vault of Obscurity 6

Captain Napalm
His original "appearance"
Captain Napalm originally was an alter ego of Calvin (see above). However when changing in his alter ego, he accidentally locked himself inside. Later, Captain Napalm was brought back as a fictional comic within the comic. We never see the actual content of the comic. However, the comic appears to be about nineties-styled antihero or at least very gory ("Oh no, Captain Napalm's getting his kidneys punched out with an I-beam!" - Calvin). Captain Napalm is stated to also appear in Thermonuclear League of Liberty, where he is the leader of the titular organization. Calvin mentioned there is a series bubblegum card based on the comic.
The Iron Warrior
Iron Warrior
Rodney Dearth was a treasure hunter that searched through Africa. To aid him, he used the Iron Warrior. The Iron Warrior was a twelve or more feet tall robot. Rodney could use the robot as armor or control it remotely via a control. Like many Golden Age heroes, he would kill people. In League of the Extraordinary Gentle: Black Dossier, the titular document revealed the Iron Warrior was a member of the fifties incarceration of the League.
Miracle Man
Proudly selling out for over 60 years
(yes the comic is that old)
Miracle Man was a superhero from the comic book Sinclair Oil RD 119: The Miracle In Your Gas Tank, a corporate promotion / PSA by the Sinclair Oil Company. Lewis Thomas and his family were driving when their car stopped working. Miracle Man arrived via a magic carpet that has the front of a car. He used his power to reveal rust and corrosion is the problem. Because Lewis refusing to believe it, Miracle Man took the family to Sinclair Research Installation at Harvey, Illinois. Here, an unnamed scientist explained about the rust and how Sinclair's rust inhibitor RD-119 prevent rust. Miracle Man sent Lewis and his son home. However, Lewis was unable to convince anyone of Miracle Man's existence.
Miracle Man can alter people's sizes and teleport them. When he is small, he seems to retain the strength he has at normal size. For some reason, he always says "Sinc-Lair [sic]" when he uses his powers.

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