Sunday, November 15, 2009

Martinex T'Naga

What if the sinister aliens took over the Galaxy? All the Pluvians (people from Pluto) were covered in crystalline facets. This allowed them to survived in extreme temperatures. Martinex was a technician and scientist that cold emit cold and hotness from his hands. An alien race called the Badoons killed all the Pluvians expect him. Along with other last-members-of-their-races Charlie-27 (from Jupiter), Yondu (Beta Centauri IV) and Vance Astro (from Earth), he founded the Guardians of the Galaxy. The double G rebelled against the-now-emperors-of-the-Galaxy Badoons. After stopping the Badoons with the help of 20th century heroes, Martinex and the rest of his team fought crime in the 20th century, until returning to their time.

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