Thursday, November 26, 2009

Metal Facts and Fancies

By reading the Metal Men you learn about the properties of lead, gold, tin, platinum, mercury and iron, but have you ever wonder about the other metals. For some reason for comic books to be mailed they had to have stuff beyond the story. So DC comic had "educational" facts pages. For the Metal Men, they had Metal Facts and Fancies. At first it talked about lead, gold, tin, platinum, mercury and iron-related facts. Then it talked about other metals. Eventually some of these metal got their own "robots". The notable ones were:

  • Technetium- He is the first man-made metal, because of this he acts like a stereotypical grandfather to his metal "kids" (MM issue 8).

  • Copper- She fused with Platinum into Bronze, (MM issue 9).

  • Arsenic- He was seen leaping towards insects from a spray gun (MM issue 8).

This stopped at Metal Men issue 16.


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