Monday, November 15, 2010

Squadron Supreme

In Avengers # 69, the cosmic-powered Grandmaster created the Squadron Sinister (Roy Thomas' villainous jab at the Justice League) to battle the Avengers. The Sinister guys consisted of Doctor Spectrum (Green Lantern homage), Hyperion (Superman), Nighthawk (Batman) and the Whizzer (Flash).
In Avengers #85 – 86, Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, Vision and Goliath (members of the titular team) accidentally got sent to Earth-712. The team was confused upon meeting the Squadron Supreme. The team is identical (except for being good) to the Squadron Sinister. After a fight, the two teams teamed up to fight the evil mutant Brain-Child (no connection to the similarly named animated Tick series character).
In Defenders, Over-Mind and Null the Living Darkness mind controlled the Squadron Supreme. Despite aid from the titular team, Earth-712 was left in a post-apocalyptic state.
In the Squad's self-titled mini-series, it's reveal the Squadron Sinister (who the Supreme guys are a revamp of) were actually evil copies of the Supreme guys. The Supreme team (on Earth-712) voted on whether or not to do the “Utopia Program” (which was a plan to make the world or at least America a Utopia, but involves taking it over). Everyone (but Nighthawk, who thinks they “should serve and not rule”) voted for it. The team (minus Nighthawk) took over America. They revealed their secret identities, added strict gun control laws, invented a way to resurrect the dead and set up behavior modification centers in prisons. However, things went bad. Golden Archer (Green Arrow) tried use the behavior modifications to make Lady Lark (Black Canary) love him (she refused to marry him), leading him to be booted off the team. Amphibian (Aquaman homage) became disgusted with the team's methods to the point of abandoning the surface world altogether. Nuke (Firestorm) went mad upon discovering he was releasing unnoticed radiation, which killed his parents and went on a rampage resulting in Doctor Spectrum killing him. Tom Thumb (loosely based on the Atom) died due to cancer, that he foolishly didn't tell anyone about. Despite trying to get Earth-616's (the main reality) Avengers to help, Nighthawk was forced to get 3 of his former enemies (including Golden Archer, now using the alias Black Archer) to help him stop the Squadron Supreme. In the battle, members from both teams (including Nighthawk) were killed. Hyperion realized that despite their good intentions they had become dictators. The team (or whats was left of it) decided to return power to the government.
In the graphic novel Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe, the Squad (now Hyperion, Lady Lark [using the alias Skylark], Power Princess (Wonder Woman), Whizzer, Arcanna [using the alias Moonglow] (Zatanna) and non-homage members Haywire and Shape) got stuck in the main reality. Only to be returned in an Avenger storyline.
In Squadron Supreme: New World Order, we discovered big corporations were using the Squadron's tech to run the government. With the help of the Exiles, the Squadron tries to set up a fair system of government.
The Marvel's Marvel MAX imprint created a comic called Supreme Power, which focuses on a completely redesigned version of the team that exist on Earth-31916.

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