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Pre-Alan Moore
Supreme first appeared in Youngblood # 3, but as a flip book. In his spin-off series, the character was portrayed inconsistently. At one point, he was an angel of vengeance, who used the Scriptures to justify what he's doing. At other times, he claimed to be a god to the point he beat up Thor and stole his hammer. Another time, it was claimed that he was a criminal that the government experimented on him, turning him superhuman and the priest Father Beam turned him good.
Alan Moore
In the “The Story of the Year” story, Alan added a touch of metafiction to the story. He also used this to explain why Supreme was portrayed inconsistently. The newest version of Supreme is Ethan Crane, a “mild manner” artist for Dazzle Comics, who gained Superman-like powers from a meteor made out of Supremium. Alan's Supreme discovered that he is in a reality that is an ever-changing story and he was simply the newest version of Supreme. We discovered that the “retired” versions of Supreme are in an alternate reality called “Supremacy”. At first, Alan's Supreme was an amnesic, but regained his “memories”, only to discovered this was a merely a background story being filled in for him. We are also introduced to Supreme's Lex Luthor-based enemy Darius Dax, who (after possessing Judy Jordan (a friend of Supreme)) transferred his mind into a Supremium-robot and became the Supremium Man, an obvious homage to the Kryptonite Man. Due to the time-altering effects of Supremium, he fell back in time and paradoxically became the meteor that gave Crane his powers in the first place.
Alan's work continued until the series ended with issue 56.
Supreme got a mini-series called Supreme: The Return that wasn't actually finished. What did happen was the following: Judy's mind is transferred into a “Suprematon android”. She falls in love with a living Suprematon android and they get married. Supreme is not having such an easy time with his romance. Diana Dane (Lois Lane) was getting annoyed by how Ethan “gets all weird and runs away”. But, Crane manages to fix the relationship by revealing to her his alter ego. Dax was sent to Daxia (similar to Supremacy), where he met other versions of himself and used their combined intelligent to escape. Then, he caused Billy Friday (Jimmy Olsen) and Master Meteor to fuse into a composite being.
Supreme is one of the most powerful beings in the Image Universe. He has superhuman strength; molecular adaptation to any threat; speed, stamina, durability, breath and vision. He has been seen defeating the Youngblood team single handily. But, he is vulnerable to effects of Supremium.
Supremium is a homage to Kryptonite. Although it the source of Supreme's power, he can also kill him. Supremium (similar to Kryptonite) comes in different colors (with different effects), which include:

  • White- It's fatal to Supreme. It's similar to Green Kryptonite
  • Amber- Warps time
  • Onyx- Erases time
  • Sapphire- Effects probability
  • Ruby- “Transmutes matter”
  • Violet- Has random effects. It's similar to Red Kryptonite.
  • Darius Dax- He is archenemy of Supreme. Like Supreme, he has numerous incarnations. These have ranged from being a mean business tycoon to a Nazi.
  • Emerpus- He is alternate reality version of Supreme from the Backward Zone, where time turns backwards, who “unaverts” disasters.
  • Gorrl- A living galaxy.
  • Korgo- He is warlord from space. He battled Bill Clinton under the Cosmic Dictators Guild rules and wins. But he faked being defeated by Supreme, so he could escape Hillary Clinton and returned to the Hell of Mirrors (a prison that Supreme uses to store super villains). .
  • Master Meteor- He battled Supreme, when he was Kid Supreme. Due to a time travel accident, he fused with Billy Friday and the composite being blamed Supreme.
  • Optilux- He is a religious alien that transformed into a being of pure light (with a messiah complex). He turns cities into light that he holds in captivity.
  • Televillain- Former TV repairman Reuben Tube can teleport via televisions and enter the fictional worlds.
  • The End- He is a powerful villain that is the unofficial leader (everyone else is scared to oppose him) of the Hell of Mirrors. He is never seen save his shadow.
  • Shadow Supreme- He is an evil clone of Supreme created by Dax (who Double S is completely loyal to). He looks like Supreme, except for a dark color scheme.
  • Slaver Ant- She is a humanoid ant-like creature, who ejects altering chemicals. She once escaped Supreme's mirror prison and tried to build an ant-lair.
  • Vor-Em- He is lion-like humanoid warrior.

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