Friday, December 24, 2010

The Amazing Screw-On Head

Screw-On Head worked for President Lincoln, who wants him to stop Emperor Zombie (undead occultist) and his goons (Dr. Snap & the vampire, Madam). The terror trio stole a manuscript that allows the owner to acess the temple of Gung. Gung was a warlord, who gained supernatural powers from a "melon-sized jewel". Screw-On (with of his manservant Mr. Groin and his dog, Mr. Dog) hunted down Zombie, but Zombie found the treasure of the temple: it wasn't a jewel, but "a small parallel universe" inside a turnip. So, Zombie freed the demigod inside, only to have SH defeated it in combat.
  • Screw-On Head- He is a robot that is literally a screw head. His head can be removed and place into other bodies somewith superpowers. He is Lincoln's top agent in occult matters.
  • Emperor Zombie- He is a highly intellgent zombie with a lust for power. He turned himself undead using forbidden knowledge.
  • Mr. Groin- Screw-On's ninth manservant.
  • Madam- Vampire lover of Emperor Zombie.
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