Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Roach

He has also has been called the Cockroach... and Moon Roach... and Captain Cockroach... and Wolveroach, Purel Platonic Priest Roach, the Sacred Secret War Roach, the Super Secret Wars Wolveroach, normalroach, Sgt. Preston Roach, Punisheroach,Venomroach -- should I go on? This is mainly due to his multiple personality disorder. We first meet the Roach using the alias of the Cockroach (a parody of Robin Hood and of Batman), who tried to hunt down the criminals that killed his parents (due to his mental instability it's unknown if his parents were actually killed), but usually he beat up some poor sap and took his money and hid it in his chimney. He also had the alter ego of a merchant who doesn't like magical items, because he thought they were bad for businesses. Cerebus stole his already-stolen money. Months later, the Roach reappeared as the patriotic Captain Cockroach (a parody of Captain America) and got an albino sidekick called "Bunky" (a parody of Bucky), who was also nuts. His 86ed this and became Moon Roach (Moon Knight), who used darts shaped like crescents. This identity lasted a long time. During this time, he sometimes slipped into the Roach-Hulk persona and gained a weakness to frostinite: normal ice and snow. Since then, he has also become normalroach (normalman?); Punisheroach (Punisher), who hunted a drug dealer with cross- bows; Wolveroach (Wolverine) and Swoon (Neil Giaman's Sandman). He haunts the Earth Pig (Cerebus) when he least expects it.
He has super strength and is resistant to damage. Over time, he has gained some telepathic powers.

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