Saturday, March 26, 2011

Liberty Legion

The Liberty Legion were a group of B-list Golden Age superheroes assembled by Bucky in 1942 to save the Invaders from the Red Skull. The heroes included: the Blue Diamond, Jack Frost, Red Raven, the Thin Man (no connection to the movie), the Whizzer, Miss America and the Patriot. After saving the Invaders, they became superhero team protect America from the Nazi, while the Invaders fought them overseas. Many of the LL's members that been re-introduce into the Marvel Comics continuity.
The Liberteens (pun on "libertine") were a morden day teenage version of the Liberty Legion, with each member being based on a LL member. During the Secret Invasion, it turned out that their leader Revolutionary (based on Patriot) was a Skrull sleeper agent. The skrulls tried to kill the Liberteens via pioson gas, but Whiz Kid (Whizzer) saved her team mates.

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