Monday, March 28, 2011

Life in Hell

Blinky, Sheba and Bongo (Above)


The comic is about anthropomorphic rabbits and gay brothers Akbar & Jeff. It explores topics like death, work, love and sex. The comic often has serialized story lines.


Life in Hell was a self-published comic book created by Matt Groening. Matt gave copies of it to his friends and sold them at a record store he worked at. The strip later appeared in Wet magazine and the Los Angeles Reader. While he never fully gave up on the strip, he has trouble doing it due to his involvement with television.

Recurring Characters

  • Blinky- He is main character and an everyman despite being a rabbit. He is often bitter and depressed. He usually has a dead end job and embodies alienation and dread. He often sees a therapist and has a bad apartment. Despite this, he usually is full of wise sayings.

  • Sheba- Blinky's girlfriend. She and Blinky are often used a generic couple when the plot demands one.

  • Bongo- He is Blinky's one eared illegitimate son. Matt has made several references to him in cartoons he works on.

  • Akbar & Jeff- Two "brothers or lovers... and possibly both". Matt claims they are gay. They have Charlie Brown-like shirts and fezzes and own many businesses such as Akabr & Jeff's Bootleg "Akbar & Jeff" T-Shirt Hut. They some time appear in 16-panel grid strips that only they appear in. Unlike most of the characters, they are human.

  • Matt Groening and his sons sometime appear as rabbits.

  • Snarla- A cat that looks like Lisa Simpson. She is Bongo's love interest and classmate.

  • Mr. Simpson- Blinky's dog boss. He predates The Simpson cartoon.

  • Gooey, Screwy and Ratatouille- A parody of Huey, Dewey and Louie and are Akbar and Jeff's triplet nephews.

Recurring Situations and Gags

  • Fake Magazines

  • How to Guides

  • Miniseries- Strips told in a mock textbook-style

  • Akbar & Jeff Discussing About Their Relationship

  • Binky Tries to Meditate

  • Ads for Akbar & Jeff's Shady Businesses

  • Bongo Trapped In Detention

  • Bongo Being Unhappy With The Huge Amounts of Gifts He Gets For Christmas

  • Shadow Rabbit- Blinky's shadow towering over Bongo, when did something wrong despite his claims he didn't (even though it's obvious he did)

  • How to Draw Blinky


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