Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Arrow is the first superhero that used archery as his / her gimmick. He also is the third superhero in existence. He was predated by Superman and Clock. He also he is in public domain.
Centaur Comics
Ralph Payne was a intelligence agent of the US. Feeling he wasn't fight crime effectively enough, he became the superhero Arrow. His main weapon was his bow and arrow. However, he is skilled at unarmed combat. Like every superhero of his era, he fought Nazi spies.
Malibu Comics
Arrow was one of the public domain superheroes revamped by Malibu Comics. Rick Parker is a Texas-born avid hunter. He worked for American Intelligence, but resigned upon discovering the US government funded an attack on an innocence Latin American village. He decided to fight for justice as the Arrow. Despite teaming up one or two times, this Arrow mainly worked alone.
Dynamite Entertainment
He appeared in Project Superpowers. In this version, towards the end of WWII, Fighting Yank trapped Arrow and several other heroes in the Urn of Pandora. He was freed 60 years later. Disoriented, he accidently shot and killed Fighting Yank. The Arrow now lives in New York.

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