Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vampirella: Revelations

Broadway, New York comic publisher Harris Comics got the rights to the character of Vampirella, a vampire-like alien from the planet Drakulon. They hired Mike Carey (as writer), Mike Lilly (penciler), Bob Almond (inkier), Jay Fotos (colorist) and Ed Dukeshire (letterer) to recreate the character in Vampirella: Revelations. Let's see what they did. The comic was published between 2005-06.
In issue 0 (don't ask), Vampirella slayed several vampires in a bar. During which, Vampirella explained how she kills fellow vampires to redeem his mother, Lilith. However, one vampire (none of them are named) claimed Vampirella isn't a vampire, but Vampirella shot him before he could say anything more.
Issue 1 began with Vampirella talking with a man named Harry. After a bar fight with more vampires, Vampirella revealed to Harry that she has false memories of Drakulon being an alien planet despite knowing that Drakulon is actually in Hell. Following Harry's advise, Vampirella visited Peter Glass, a blind psychic. Peter put her in a cage (he claims this is to protect himself) and use his powers to put Vampirella in a trace-like state where he and she see what really happen (Peter claimed he can do this due to "truth is the bedrock of the soul"). In this trace, they see Lilith talking to her demon lover Belial. After Belial mentioning how Lilith's vampire (or "wamphyri" as Belial puts it) children "deplete" her and make her sick, Lilith created a super-vampire immune to the vampire weaknesses to destroy the other vampires. This super-vampire is turns out to be Vampirella. The duo see Vampirella grow up (thus establishing the plot point of the "Heart of Drakulon", a crystalline structure). While the two are in a trace, three demons appear. One demon murdered a Peter and the other two kidnapped Vampirella.
In issue 2, we see a flashback shows the audience that Belial implanted the false memories to give her more motivation to kill other Lilith-spawn. In the present day, it turned out Vampirella's mind has regressed back to when she was a toddler. A demon soothsayer told Belial that Peter unintentionally broke her connection to the Eidolon, a magic mirror that Lilith used to cast spells on Vampirella, and the process broke her mind. The soothsayer claimed that a blood sacrifice might fix this. The Peter-murdering demon attacked Vampirella. Apparently Vampirella slayed his brother, when the demon wanted to do that himself. While the demon was winning, an astral project / ghost of Peter Glass used his powers to fix Vampirella's mind allowing her to defeat the demon and escape, much to Belial's chagrin.
In issue 3, Vampirella was being chased by demons riding fly dragon-like creatures. She ended up at Lilith's home. After seeing a near-skeletal, seemly dead Lilith, Vampirella entered the castle and destroyed the Eidolon. Belial (who caught up with Vampirella) sent several demons to attack Vampirella. She slayed the demons. However, this gave Lilith enough power to revive herself and fight Vampirella. However, Vampirella used the "Heart of Drakulon" to fry Lilith (somehow). She wounded Belial, but let him live so he would have to grieve for Lilith.
  • Vampirella: Revelations # 0-3

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