Thursday, May 9, 2013


Futureman is a superhero that fell into public domain due to the real-life creators (Eugenio Zoppi and H. G. Oesterheld) being assumed dead.
Era Cronos is a denizen of Americas Unidas (the 25th century combined North / South America superstate) and scientist. He invented the Time-Visor, a television-esque device capable to show the user any point of time, and a time machine. He decided to travel across time and space to fight injustice and crime. He had affected major events in human history (such as the Spartacus Rebellion and helping Vikings find America). However, he remained out of the history books and anonymous until then-present day and was dubbed "Futureman".
Equipment and Abilities
Futureman had a variety of high-tech gadget to help him. He had the before-mentioned time machine and Time-Visor. He had a jet motor allowing to fly. He also had two ray guns: a heat ray gun and a mind-control-beam. He also knows every language known to man.

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