Monday, May 20, 2013

NFL Superpro

There have been a lot of products that have superheroes to advertise them to the point TvTropes (a website that analyze recurring tropes in fiction) has a page devoted it ("Product As Superhero" in case you were wondering). Here is one of the most infamous example.
Phil Grayfield was a sport reporter that was unable to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a football player. He interviewed a football superfan / scientist that created a indestructible football suit. Thieves broke in and burned his NFL stuff except the suit. Phil gained invulnerability, super speed and strength from a mix of chemicals he knocked onto himself and the fire. Using the suit, he became a football-themed crime fighter and called himself "Superpro".
His allies were the Happy Campers. They were average Joes turned into superheroes by a scientist named Carragone. Their members include the super fast jogger Streak / Frank Moody, the overweight African-American immune to physical harm Girth / Tabby Walsh, the penny-firing Almighty Dollar / Pennington Pennypacker and the probability-predicting Korean member Calculator / Kwong Dee. Superpro's villains were the ninja Quick Kick, the steroid-abusing giant Bennings, the time-slicing Instant Replay and the crime boss Marco Sanzionare.
NFL Superpro has called one of the worst Marvel Comics of recent years if not "the worst comic book ever created" (Chicago Sports Review said that). The main complaints were the plots and characters. For example, why didn't the thieves steal and then sell the NFL stuff? Fabian Nicieza claimed he wrote the comic in exchange for NFL tickets

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