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Glory, like Supreme, was a character that Rob Liefield created which was based on a more popular character (this case Wonder Woman) that Alan Moore attempted to revamped. Unlike Supreme, Alan was unable to do anything with the character.
Rob Liefield
A good approximation of Glory's original appearance
During Rob's run, Glory was the daughter of the ruler of the Underworld Silverfall and amazon goddess Lady Demeter. Gloriana Demeter (Glory) was trained as a warrior by the Amazons, but had trouble controlling her savagery. Feeling alienate in the Underworld and Amazon's home world (creatively called "Amazonia"), he went to the world of men. She was an active superhero since World War II. She helped many great heroes such as Supreme.
Alan Moore
Alan Moore took over. Glory, wanting to experience what it's like to be human, took the alter ego Gloria West. She also took a job as a waiter. Because the "run" last one issue, very little was accomplished.
Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell
Revamped appearance
This creative duo have been given reigns over the series. However, he has just started. The demons and amazons are revealed to be aliens that live on another planet. Glory was radically redesigned to be much more muscular.
Being the daughter of a demon and amazon (or aliens depending on the version), Glory has super powers. She has the basic flying brick powers of super strength, invulerability and flight. She also has the ability to go into any dimension "where water meets the air". She is a skilled martial artist. She can use a "glamour" to alter her clothes into the current fashion.
She has many magic items to aid her. She has a sword able to dispell enchantments via touch. Her bracelet (not shown) is sentient and named "Shape". She has a battle axe and golden spear.

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