Saturday, December 14, 2013

Skrull Kill Krew

This is a really specialized team.
The Fantastic Four brainwashed three skrulls into thinking they are cows. The "cows" were slaughtered and served as meat. The people, that ate the meat, had skrull DNA was transferred into the hosts' cells. This caused a condition, "Skrullovoria Induced Skrullophobia". This made the affected able to shape shift and have an irrational hatred / fear of Skrulls. This would ultimately kill the hosts over time. However, some people was killed at a much slower. Ryder recruited several affected people for his Skrull Kill Krew team. Members included Ryder, Riot, Moonstomp, Catwalk and Dice. Due to the condition, they pooled their resources to kill skrulls via huge and powerful guns. Their crusades led them fight Captain America and Baron Von Strucker.
The second version was formed in Secret Invasion. Ryder and Riot were told by the Delroy Garret Jr. 3-D Man that skrulls infiltrated the Inititive. As such, the trio went on a quest to kill all these skrulls.
  • Ryder- He is the founder and leader of the team. He also has super strength, teleportation and super reflexes along with his shapeshifting. He likes to turn his hair into tentacles. It has been suggested he is actually a skrull brainwashed into thinking he is a SIS-affected human.
  • Riot- Heidi Sladkin is a punk rocker. Her preferred transformation was a insectoid and armored form. She has sharp spines and super strength in this form. She seemed to die at Camp Hammond, but she turned out to be alive. She helped form both the first and second teams.
  • Moonstomp- He is a British Neo-Nazi. His hatred of skrulls tend to override his hate of non-whites (although he feels guilty). He can shapeshift and uses a clawed hammer. When his condition became worsen, his skin darkened much to his chagrin. 
  • Catwalk- Kimberly Dee is an ex-fashion model. She can turn into a cat-like form with claws, fangs and super athletic powers.
  • Dice- Rob Fortune is an ex-surfer. He turn his limbs into explosive-blasting weapons and breathe underwater.
  • 3-D Man- Delroy Garret Jr. helped form the second team. For more info, read my post on the character. 

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